‘Surprising retirement’ KT Lee Dae-eun “I have no regrets about baseball… Fans who will be remembered for the rest of my life” Retirement thoughts

KT Wiz Lee Dae-eun. Source | Lee Dae-eun SNS

[스포츠서울 | 박효실기자] Professional baseball KT Wiz Lee Dae-eun (32), who made a surprise retirement announcement, delivered an official greeting to fans.

KT announced on the 13th that “Lee Dae-eun has informed the club of his intention to retire.” Dae-eun Lee, who joined the Chicago Cubs in 2007 and debuted in the KBO League in 2019 after playing on stage in the United States and Japan, has appeared in 95 games over the three years of his professional career, recording 7-8, 9 holds, 19 saves, and an ERA of 4.31.

On the 16th, Lee Dae-eun shared his thoughts on retirement along with photos of his days as a player taken in black and white on his personal SNS on the 16th. In the photo, Lee Dae-eun is wearing a uniform from the Chiba Lotte Marines in 2014, when she was at her heyday as a baseball player.

He said, “Hello, this is Lee Dae-eun. I think the fans who think of me at the sudden news must have been very surprised. After much thought and deliberation, I have made this choice.”

He continued, “I have no regrets about baseball, but it is unfortunate that I cannot communicate with my seniors and juniors and fans at the baseball field. I would also like to express my sincere gratitude to the KT Wiz family who made good memories of winning the championship. I sincerely thank the fans who will be remembered for the rest of my life, and thank you for supporting baseball player Lee Dae-eun until now.”

KT achieved the feat of winning the first integrated championship last year. Lee Dae-eun, who celebrated the end of the year happily with the team’s victory, announced on December 5 last year that she was dating rapper Trudy, who had been in a public relationship for three years.

Meanwhile, Lee Dae-eun’s article continued to be supported by fellow players and acquaintances. Fans said, “Even when I was sluggish, my fan heart didn’t break. I remember Lee Dae-eun, who was kind to each and every one of us during his time as a conscripted policeman. I remember playing for the national team for the rest of my life.” “Lee Dae-eun, there must be some reason or circumstance that we are not aware of. I hope that a new path will be wide open and you will walk a brighter life.” I sincerely support the lives of 2!”


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