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[EpochTimesNewsonAugust192021]Hello, everyone, and welcome to the “News Story Surprise”, my name is Daewoo.

Today’s focus: 6,000 US troops rush to aid Afghanistan! The Congress calls for an extension of stationing; Xi Jinping wants the rich to repay the society, even more authoritarian after the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China; Beijing’s senior officials drowned in a car; the Taliban shot and suppressed! The Vice President of Azerbaijan led his army to retake a city, and the Taiwanese American army revealed the actual situation on the ground; Shanghai now has “abnormal” cases.

[Taliban beats women to death, rockets threaten to suppress resistance]

In the past few days, things in Afghanistan have become the headlines of the world media, and the Taliban’s every move has also attracted people’s attention. On August 17, Taliban spokesperson Zabihullah Mujahid also told the outside world at a press conference that it would allow the peaceful transfer of power and respect women’s rights within the limits permitted by Islamic law. But as soon as the voice fell, there was a slap in the face.

First of all, it has been exposed by the media that just before the Taliban seized power, around the end of July, in an occupied area in northern Afghanistan, a group of Taliban militants broke into the home of civilian Naja. She was a 45-year-old mother with 4 children, this group of Taliban asked Naja to cook for them, but the family was poor and said that there was no food to cook, these people went to her house many times to persecute them, until the fourth time, the mother said, “I Very poor, I can’t cook for you.” As a result, these militants became furious and beat Naja with AK47s, causing her to die. Naja’s children witnessed all this with their own eyes.

In Kabul, the capital of Afghanistan, the Taliban arrested a group of people on the street for unknown charges and told them to lean on the side of the street. Among them, armed men even held rockets at them. Let alone the parties, netizens will be scared when they see it.

Another example is the most recent one. On August 18, in Jalalabad, the capital city of Nangarhar Province, Afghanistan, a group of Afghan citizens gathered on the street and waved the three-color national flag of Afghanistan. Protests against Taliban rule include marches and rallies. Others climbed to the top of the building, pulled out the Taliban flag, and waved the Afghan flag. There were many people looking around below, and many men whistled in agreement.

As a result, Taliban militants were recruited and fired at the assembly crowd. It is currently known that at least 2 deaths and 10 injuries were caused. The representatives of the people who participated in the rally then held a press conference and cried out in front of reporters about the incident. People have commented that the Taliban say one thing and do another thing, and are afraid that people will express their opposition publicly. Many Chinese audiences should be very familiar with this scene.

At the same time, in Asadabad, another provincial capital of Afghanistan, many Afghans waved the tricolor national flag to resist the rule of the Taliban. It can be said that these kinds of things are gradually increasing in Afghanistan.

[Taliban torture violently prevents people in Kabul airport from being injured or trampled to death]

Because people really have lingering fears about the Taliban’s reign of terror, the experience of the Taliban when they came to power 20 years ago is a vivid goal for many Afghans. First of all, the Taliban’s punishment is very harsh. If you steal something, you will chop your hands. For women who commit adultery, you will dig a big pit, then bury your lower body in the soil to make people stand around you, smash your upper body with rubbish, and make people alive. Smashing to death is called “stoning.” If a woman has premarital sex or someone is drunk, she will be subjected to caning; as for entertainment activities such as movies and music, they are completely banned. These decrees are called Sharia Law.

In addition, girls can no longer go to school at the age of 10 and must be covered up. They are not allowed to go to public places without the company of their husbands or elder brothers. Moreover, the Taliban tried their best to shield terrorists and became an umbrella for the evil forces of the world, and undermined culture and beliefs.

In addition to the bombing of the historic Bamiyan Buddha in Afghanistan in March 2001, in February of the same year, all artworks that violated Islamic teachings in the Afghan Museum were destroyed, many of which were priceless treasures. These actions are very similar to the CCP Red Guards.

Out of antipathy to the Taliban, some people chose to take to the streets to protest, while others still tried their best to flee Afghanistan. But if people run away, whose leeks are the Taliban cut? This group of bandits told the public well, saying they were different, and advised everyone not to leave and stay. They would not settle accounts after the fall. The words are still in their ears, but how did the Taliban do it.

As you all know, the best way to leave Afghanistan now is the Kabul Airport controlled by the US military, so many Afghans still go to the Kabul Airport, and the United States also allows Afghans to enter the airport. However, Taliban militants set up armed checkpoints outside the airport to intercept them. They used guns, sticks, canes, and even rockets to intimidate and drive the crowds, and they have caused casualties.

A local reporter of the Los Angeles Times in Afghanistan said that in front of him, at least six people were injured as a result of attacks by Taliban militants, including women and children.

In addition, because of the Taliban’s real fire and ammunition, people who wanted to break into the airport were panicked and even stampede occurred. A 25-year-old girl, Aisha Ahmad, said that the people at the scene were very frightened, and she also saw women and children trampled by the turbulent crowd.

[Afghanis who jumped over the wall and voted into the US singers can not avoid the long queue from Hong Kong and Shanghai to the US]

Some people also took a different path and climbed in with rope on the outer wall of the airport. In order to enter the airport controlled by the United States, these Afghans also struggled.

I think in the last two days, many netizens shared the scenes at the Shanghai Airport and Hong Kong Airport. Many passengers going to the United States and other Western countries are waiting in line to leave the country. In Shanghai, the crowds who are going to the United States have twisted and twisted. It’s 1,000 meters long!

People flee from tyranny in the same mood, but the external manifestations are different. Afghanistan is directly a manifestation of the war, but in the CCP and Hong Kong controlled by the CCP, people stand in order, but they also vote with their feet.

The British poet Byron once famously said about a specific matter, to the effect that if he was wrong in that matter, then he was not worthy of living in the UK, and if he was right, then the UK was not worthy of him to live in. Just go left and right!

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That was the United Kingdom at the end of the 18th century and the beginning of the 19th century. If he were put in the current CCP, he might leave without saying a word. Why? If something is wrong, the CCP will find it out, saying that it may not be detained for him, or his passport may be confiscated.

Having said that, now in Afghanistan, it is not only the general public who wants to go, but even the queen-level singers of the Afghan pop music scene are rushing to take the US military transport plane. The Afghan star Aryana Sayeed posted a photo on his IG, showing that he had already boarded the US C-17 transport plane, and it happened to be the plane full of 640 people.

She said she was going to be the last soldier to leave her home country, and now she has done it. Of course, there may be people who want her to persist, but she can persist to this point, at least better than the Afghan President Jani who ran away in the first place. Said’s final destination is Istanbul, Turkey, which is her other residence.

[The United Kingdom and the United States accepted nearly 50,000 Afghan refugees and the Vice President led his army to regain a provincial capital]

The United States is currently preparing to accept 22,000 Afghans who have fled, and British Prime Minister Johnson is even more generous, saying that it will accept 25,000. This is another problem created for European and American countries after the Taliban counterattacked.

In fact, apart from Afghans, American citizens in Afghanistan have not yet been evacuated. As we reported yesterday, there are still about 10,000 American citizens stranded outside the Afghan capital Kabul. This is the number reported by CNN, but according to the Washington Post, the number is even higher, with 15,000 American citizens stranded in Afghanistan. .

Fox News reported that according to the information they received from the U.S. Department of State, the Department of Defense and other departments on August 17, the authorities still had no specific evacuation plan for the 15,000 people as of that day. However, Sullivan, the National Security Adviser of the White House, later stated that he would withdraw all Americans from Afghanistan as soon as possible.

The current Afghan Taliban are more dangerous than before, because they have acquired a huge amount of American weapons.

Trump (Trump)’s eldest son, Trump, said that the Taliban now owns more U.S. Black Hawk helicopters than there are in 166 other countries in the world. Advanced American weapons worth about 20 billion U.S. dollars are now included. The hands of the Taliban.

But even so, in Afghanistan, no one dares to challenge the Taliban. As mentioned in our previous program, Afghanistan’s Vice President, Amrullah Saleh, also translated as “Salih.” It may be called Saleh more commonly, so we call him Saleh.

Nasalih, as well as Ahmed Massoud, the son of the Afghan anti-Taliban hero Masoud, joined forces to form an army in the Panjesi Valley north of Kabul and are currently fighting the Taliban. Saleh vowed not to share the same life with the Taliban.

According to news on August 18, Saleh and Little Massoud have led their troops to retake a capital city in Afghanistan, Charikar in Parvan Province (Parvan), and there will be a chance to capture the original If the US Army’s Baghland Air Force Base can win this place, perhaps for this anti-Taliban army, it may be regarded as a base that may be contacted for military assistance from the West in the future.

Saleh told the media that they did not lose morale, nor would they argue with Biden over the issue of Afghanistan. This is of no avail. He said that what they have to do now is to prove that Afghanistan is not Vietnam, and they see that they are not in Vietnam. There is a huge opportunity ahead.

Saleh has always been tough on the Taliban. He has been assassinated by the Taliban many times, but failed. After Afghan President Jani fled on August 15, according to Afghan law, Saleh, who is actually the Vice President, should be now Afghanistan. “The caretaker of the President.” Heroes come out of troubled times. Let’s see what kind of record Saleh will create next.

[Congress calls on the US military to postpone the stationing of 6,000 troops to help]

At the same time, there are more than forty congressmen from both parties in the United States who sent a letter to Biden, calling on him to extend the length of the U.S. military’s presence in Afghanistan, but the purpose is not to fight the Taliban, but to continue to protect the Kabul airport and cover the diaspora and foreigners. The evacuation of some Afghans. Currently, the Pentagon plans to bring back 5,000 to 9,000 people from Afghanistan every day. Many Afghan refugees will be temporarily resettled at a military base in Texas.

But what is interesting is that the US military originally had only 2,500 troops left in May of this year, but due to the failure of the withdrawal, the Taliban captured Kabul ahead of schedule, causing chaos in the retreat. Now the Pentagon has to send a total of 6,000 US troops to maintain the order of the evacuation. With so many people, one more battle with the Taliban is enough. But at present, the US military has no such plans. So many people are sent back in the name of cover and evacuation.


The CCP has recently launched a new round of cultural attacks and military intimidation against Taiwan because of the Afghan issue. The official media frequently shouted “Afghanistan today, Taiwan tomorrow” in an attempt to destroy Taiwan’s psychology, followed by testing the US and Western reactions.

U.S. National Security Adviser Sullivan later stated clearly that he rejected the statement of “Afghanistan today, Taiwan tomorrow.” He pointed out that Afghanistan is different from Taiwan, and the United States’ commitment to Taiwan and Israel will be as strong as ever. Here, he compares Taiwan with Israel, the traditional ally of the United States, which shows that the United States has placed Taiwan in a very important position.

At the same time, many people on the island of Taiwan began to reflect on the Afghan incident and tried to strengthen Taiwan’s own defense. For example, Taipei City Councillor Xu Qiaoxin suggested that the Taiwan authorities resume conscription for one year in addition to recruiting soldiers, and women should also participate in training.

[The Chinese Communist Party Receives “Special Care” from the Taliban]

While the CCP continues to exert pressure on the Taiwan Strait, can it gain any benefits from the Taliban’s seizure of Afghanistan? Many previous analysts believed that the CCP and the Taliban might cooperate to develop rare earth resources in Afghanistan, and it would be convenient for the CCP to use Afghanistan as a springboard to affect the situation in Central Asia and the Middle East.

Now the CCP’s propaganda agency has shown affection for the “special friendship” between China and Tajikistan.

According to the latest news, Wang Yu, the CCP’s ambassador to Afghanistan, told the Global Times that the Taliban regime had made a security commitment to the CCP’s embassy. Wang Yu also took an exterior photo of the CCP’s Afghan embassy. Compared with the Western embassies that were evacuated in a conspiracy, the CCP’s bloody flag is still posing in the sky above the embassy.

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In addition, there are embassies of Russia, Pakistan and Iran, which are currently open. But so far, Russia has not yet expressed its intention to establish diplomatic relations with the Taliban.

However, the Taliban, which has just seized power in Afghanistan, have an unstable foothold. They have their own ghosts with the CCP and have their own goals. The CCP wants to be the world leader, and the Taliban also want to maximize the influence of their Islamic power in the world. There will be no room for two tigers. There will be conflicts in the future, and this potential difference may also attack the CCP at any time.

[Five things make Xi Jinping a headache]

From the current point of view, we can foresee at least five points that the Taliban may become the CCP’s “negative equity,” rather than creating income.

First, Afghanistan borders China’s Xinjiang, directly connecting Kashgar and Hotan, and has a border of about 90 kilometers. The CCP itself is worried that the Taliban will import violent terrorist activities into Xinjiang and sell drugs and weapons, because the Taliban rely on drug trafficking to maintain operations. Now it is not like the Afghan government. It has Western financial support. It does not have anything. Moreover, it has a large drug business. It is currently one of the world’s leading drug cartels. The spread of the world, including bordering China;

Second, the Taliban militants prevented the CCP from mining minerals in Afghanistan in 2007. Therefore, whether the bandit Taliban can cooperate closely with the rogue CCP is still a variable.

Third, the Taliban are well versed in blackmail, kidnapping, and threats. Everyone is a rogue bandit. They understand each other whether the Taliban will use the occupied Afghanistan, known as the “Imperial Tomb,” to bite the CCP and use terror. The activities threaten the so-called “One Belt One Road” in exchange for the CCP’s financial and material support, and become another “taddy” of the CCP in addition to the Russian father. It is also impossible to say.

Fourth, the Western countries now claim to cut off the Taliban’s financial aid. The Afghan government’s original overseas deposits will not be used by the Taliban, and the Western countries’ funding for Afghanistan will no longer be given to the Taliban.

In this way, what does the Taliban live on? Those buddies around Afghanistan don’t have much money, but the CCP has some savings from cutting leeks. Think about it, everyone, if the Taliban don’t ask the CCP for money, who do they want? Before they seized power, they had already gone to Tianjin to meet with Wang Yi. The content of the discussion may include the exchange of interests with the CCP.

But what does the Taliban have to change? It is nothing more than playing hooligans internationally, sometimes helping the CCP, or sharing some resources in Afghanistan, or asking the CCP for “remuneration” for not intervening in Xinjiang affairs.

Fifth, this point will be deeper. Taiwan’s “Taiwan Media” reported that a Taiwanese American captain surnamed Zhang shared his knowledge of this place based on his 9-month combat experience in Afghanistan in 2010.

He first talked about the difficulties encountered by the US military in Afghanistan. For example, there is no tap water in Afghanistan. There are many bacteria in the raw water in the wild environment. Drinking water is easy to get sick. Therefore, drinking water must be transported from abroad. If you use local water to bathe Keep your mouth shut and avoid drinking. This is just one of the many inconveniences. There is also the transportation of materials, not all by air. Many land transportations rely on local transportation companies in Afghanistan, passing through Taliban-guarded sites, and you have to stuff money and bribes. , Even so, the materials were robbed and bombed.

When the U.S. military is fighting the Taliban, the other side often rushes to Pakistan immediately, and the U.S. military can no longer pursue it.

Then, he talked about a very important point. Captain Zhang said that many Afghans do not have a strong concept of “nation”. This is one of the reasons why the West wants to establish a decent “nation” in Afghanistan but fails. He said that Afghanistan It is a tribal society with strong religious concepts. People are loyal to their own tribe, and which tribe is strong, other tribes will support others. Therefore, there are different warlords and militia forces in Afghanistan. They don’t seem to have a strong concept of the “central government.” .

Therefore, even if the Taliban occupy the ruling power now, they are not really able to subdue all forces in Afghanistan. From this point of view, the CCP’s use of the Taliban is just one of the many forces in Afghanistan. It does not mean that it can completely play Afghanistan in applause. Therefore, it is estimated that there are things to worry about when interacting with the Taliban.

[More totalitarian after the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China! I hope the Taliban will learn well, but it’s hard to have true friendship]

The above five points are all factors that the Taliban may become the CCP’s “negative equity” and give Xi Jinping a headache. Perhaps because of this, Beijing is also worried that the Taliban will be a bottomless pit that will never be fed. Therefore, on August 18, the CCP war wolf Zhao Lijian emphasized at a press conference that he would provide assistance to Afghanistan’s economic development “within his ability.” .

In addition, Zhao Lijian also repeated the CCP’s expectations for the Taliban regime. It is estimated that these expectations were explained by Wang Yi when the Taliban met with Wang Yi before, and Zhao Lijian repeated this again. He said: Expect the Taliban to establish an open and inclusive regime structure that suits their own national conditions and implement a moderate and steady domestic and foreign policy.

This seems to be showing affection with the Taliban and making suggestions for the development of the Taliban. In fact, this is based on the CCP’s uneasy attitude towards the Taliban.

The CCP wants to expand its influence in Central Asia and the Middle East. Afghanistan is an important hub. Then this region must be stable. If the turmoil continues, the CCP wants to use the Taliban to do things, but it cannot do it. Therefore, the CCP wants the Taliban to maintain a certain degree in this region. The stability of the country is good for it to continue the “Belt and Road” and even communicate with the Arab world.

Afghanistan has long had the title of “Imperial Tomb.” The Western powers that have previously operated here have all tried this “tomb.” If the CCP is willing, then “please enter the urn.”

From a macro point of view, the current world situation is a contest between the evil forces and the righteous forces under the control of the devil. Ordinary people choose sides among them. This is a deeper view. On the surface, it is the totalitarian and free world. confrontation.

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The CCP wants to defeat the American democratic system by relying on totalitarian power. The so-called “rising from the east and falling from the west.” Therefore, it forcibly deprives Hong Kong of freedom, sits and watches the Burmese military government take power, and laughs at the success of the Taliban counterattack. This is all because it is in line with that it wants to defeat with totalitarian power. The purpose of a free social system.

But the CCP may overlook one point. There is no real friendship between totalitarianism and totalitarianism, and they might deal with each other at any time. Historically, the CCP, the former Soviet Union, and Vietnam were all ruling the Communist Party, but they all fought fiercely.

The vice chairman of Taiwan’s Mainland Affairs Council, “Qiu Chuizheng,” spoke about the current development trend of the CCP in a recent speech at the Center for Strategic and International Studies in Washington, DC.

He first said that the United States, Japan, the U.S.-Europe alliance, and the G7 countries all mentioned peace and stability in the Taiwan Strait in this year’s joint statement. This is unprecedented. The Chinese Communist Party’s system determines that its rule is highly dependent on the party leader’s governance style. Under the characteristics of this system, Xi Jinping commanded the CCP to develop two rare “extreme” traits, one is a high degree of totalitarianism, and the other is to incitement nationalism to seek legitimacy for its rule.

Under this guiding ideology, the CCP has used modern technology to turn China into a modern version of the “Orwellian country.” This situation has never been seen in the Mao era. It is a combination of neo-Nazi and Stalinism. Socialism is a big threat to international order and freedom and democracy. And after the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, it will become more arbitrary.

[Xi wants the rich to “repay the society” and can’t run the troika for fear of financial risks]

At present, Xi Jinping is collecting “property rights” in China in various forms, including sending so-called state-owned enterprises to buy shares in private enterprises, and gradually controlling all places that the CCP originally did not control. This is aimed at large private money holders; for private wealthy “retail investors”, The party has not forgotten you either.

On August 17, Xi Jinping studied the so-called “common prosperity” at a meeting of the Central Committee of Finance and Economics of the Communist Party of China. For the first time, he mentioned the need to “reasonably regulate” the “over-income groups” in society, and encourage these people or companies to “repay the society.” “, claiming to rectify the “order of income distribution.”

This is very similar to the CCP’s original practice of hunting local tyrants and dividing fields, but the name is different.

At the same meeting, Xi Jinping also said to guard against “significant financial risks.” He mentioned this, indicating that the CCP is now facing such a problem. China’s July economic data such as total retail sales and annual growth rate of fixed asset investment all declined, far below expectations. Ren Zeping, a mainland economist, said on August 17 that the three carriages of consumption, investment and export have all slowed down, and China’s economy is heading for recession.

According to statistics released by the mainland financial column “Gelonghui”, in the first half of 2021, except for Shanghai’s fiscal surplus, the other 30 provinces and cities have all negative fiscal revenues.

And China’s economic problems, in addition to being affected by the CCP’s left-leaning policies, are also related to the continuous occurrence of man-made and natural disasters.

[Currently “abnormal” cases in Shanghai, Yangzhou, Zhengzhou, the lockdown is still tight, Beijing senior officials drown in driving]

The first to bear the brunt is the plague. On August 18, Shanghai informed that a staff member of the Songjiang District Central Hospital had an “abnormal” nucleic acid test result, but did not say whether the abnormality refers to a positive or something. This caused many Shanghai residents to become nervous. The CCP always cannot be fair. , Some nuances are still being covered up, and new words are often created! A positive is a positive. Does an abnormality mean that the test result shows “yin and positive”?

However, an insider in Shanghai broke the news on Weibo that the “abnormal” is actually a nurse in the infectious department of the hospital. She may have been infected by a Nanjing confirmed patient in the department, but as of now, the news has not been officially confirmed. However, the hospital and the nearby vegetable market have been blocked.

Yangzhou, not far from Shanghai, did not resolve the crisis until August 17. When describing the epidemic in Yangzhou, the governor of Jiangsu said that the risk of virus transmission has not been completely eliminated. Yangzhou has been closed for management from the end of July to the beginning of August, and people in key surveillance areas are required to “stay at home.”

A similar situation occurred in Zhengzhou, Henan Province. Some areas have been locked down for more than two weeks due to the outbreak of the epidemic at the end of July. Liu Hongxia, a resident in the closed area, sent out a distress video saying that he has no income and is closed at home. He has to take care of the elderly and children as well as food at home. Not much, people are starving to death. Before the Zhengzhou flood, her home was also flooded, but the government has not received any relief money promised so far. The family has no money or food, which is very critical. At the same time, she was originally a reporter. She was arrested for helping petitioners to sue the head of the CCP’s Bureau of Letters and Calls. She was sentenced to one year and six months.

In addition to the spread of the plague, this year’s floods are also very prominent. On August 16, heavy rainfall in Beijing’s Haidian District caused severe water accumulation in some areas. Under the local Hanhe Road railway bridge, a car was trapped by the water. A couple in the car was actually drowned in the car. Moreover, according to a report by Sing Tao Daily, the man killed was “Cai Kefang,” the former deputy director of the Political Department of the Ministry of Railways of the Communist Party of China. At that time, many cars were flooded, but the outside world only knows that the couple was killed as a result, and no other casualties have been reported.

Drowning while driving on the streets of Beijing is as ridiculous as the problem that occurred in the Zhengzhou flood. Some Beijing netizens argued that the problem of stagnant water on Hanhe Road has not been resolved, and that it is also a man-made disaster; the authorities have still not learned a lesson about Zhengzhou.

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