Surrendered! Famous school teacher in Bang Khen area, indecency case, 14 year old student

Surrendered! A famous school teacher in the Bang Khen area, a case of obscenity, a 14-year-old student stormed the house repeatedly to delete the video clip after ‘Gun Jom Palang’ led her parents to sing ‘Jôc Mawr’.

At 9:00 pm on March 22, Mr. Pitak (surname withheld), 47 years old, teacher advisor in grade 2, secondary school in Bang Khen district. He surrendered himself to the Pole. Col. Anan Worasat, Superintendent of Bang Khen Police Station. and Pol.Lt.Col Somjai Rodyang, Bangkhen police stationbecause Mr Kanthas Pongpaiboonvej or Gun Jomphangalang Take a 14 year old girl with Mr Somnuk (Surname withheld) 45 years old and Miss Sor Nueng (surname withheld) 35 years old In a famous school in Bang Khen district who attacked the victim’s home to delete the video clip. scaring the child’s family We therefore coordinated to ask for help from the superintendent of the Bang Khen Police Station to take him out of the area.

The investigating officer submitted an arrest warrant from Ratchada Criminal Court No. 833/2566 dated March 21, 2023 for indecency of a child under 15 years of age and informed the accused of his rights according to the legal process. by Mr. travel with a lawyer Then send the investigating officer to prosecute in accordance with the law.


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