Surrendered! Young fans, candidates for the SAO. Angry girlfriend loses rival splash revenge

Surrendered! Young fans of SAO candidates. Angry girlfriend loses rival Throwing bullets into the field of revenge before surrendering, confessing the disappointment of losing Despite being confident in the election

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from the aftermath of the election of the SAO president and Subdistrict Administrative Organization in Nonthaburi Province The atmosphere after closing the voting box for the polling station on November 28 a chaos happened In the polling station, Moo 8, Unit 19,20,21, Lampho Subdistrict, Bang Bua Thong District, when Miss Supaporn Jangdee, the candidate of Sub-District Administrative Organization No. 1, lost over 200 votes to Mr. Manop Jammuen, causing Mr. Chakkrit Rangkla, 30 years old, the boyfriend of Miss Supaporn. Anger is over when the girlfriend’s vote is defeated by her rival. Despite being an electoral candidate Causing Mr. Chakkrit who stood to win the vote in front of the polling station couldn’t stand it. So decided to ride a motorcycle from the polling station about 50 meters to find a rice field on the side of the road. Before using a firearm, fired 6 rounds at the field.

As for the latest developments, on November 29, 64, Chakkrit Rangkla, the perpetrator of the attack, came to Bang Bua Thong Police Station to surrender himself to Pol Lt. Col. Samut Ketaya, deputy investigative superintendent, acting superintendent. Bang Bua Thong Police Station Along with the firearm used to fire a vengeance after closing the counting chest.

Initially, Mr. Chakkrit admitted that Fired a gunshot in a real field After being disappointed that Ms. Supaporn Losing elections to competitors despite being very confident that his girlfriend will be elected as SAO Lampho this time

After interrogation, Mr. Chakkrit confessed to all charges. The police have charged Possessing firearms and ammunition without permission, carrying firearms in the public, shooting in the public without proper, and objecting to bail in the level of the investigator. Take the detention to the Nonthaburi Provincial Court.


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