Survey results, sports fans hope to see the Thai national team win the SEA Games gold medal – fresh news

Survey results of Thai sports fans Still interested in sports despite the Covid-19 situation unsolved The highest hope is to dominate the SEA Games.

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Survey Results – Since 2022 is considered another year that the Thai sports industry needs to prepare to raise the level of development. as well as sending an army of athletes to participate in international sports competitions under the epidemic phenomenon of COVID-19 in a variety of items

In order to reflect and promote people’s participation in the Thai sports industry in the dimension of hope and opportunities for development and building a reputation for the country, KBU SPORT POLL by the Human Capital Development Innovation Center Kasem Bundit University therefore poll “Hope and Opportunities of Thai Sports Industry in 65”

The survey was conducted online between 17-19 January 2022. The sample consisted of 1,166 people aged 18 years and over, divided into 604 males, representing 51.80%, and 562 females. to 48.20%

The overall analysis results found that Expectations towards the development and upgrading of the country’s sport Most, 31.09%, want the government to raise the level of sports development drive as a national agenda. followed by 27.13 percent, the government continued to support hosting international sporting events.

23.05 percent of people in all sectors are alert and pay more attention to sports and exercise 13.64% Sports organizations drive development plans into concrete implementation 3.58% Sports Association of Thailand has formulated a systematic development plan and others 1.51%

Expectations of Thai athletes for participating in international sporting events Most 28.52% of athletes can win gold medals. The 31st SEA Games was in Vietnam, followed by 25.98%. Athletes managed to win one of five gold medals at the 19th Asian Games in China.

17.07 percent, relevant organizations have a systematic planning and support for training, 15.79% of athletes of various kinds Can build reputation and bring happiness to Thai society continuously 8.66% The war elephant army has achieved international success, and others 3.98%

The kind of sport that is hopeful And there is an opportunity to build a reputation for participating in international competitions: 1st place badminton 89.04 percent, 2nd place taekwondo 86.26 percent, 3rd place volleyball 81.00 percent, 4th place boxing 78.06 percent.

5th place weightlifting 74.00 percent 6th place football/futsal 72.08% 7th place golf 69.22% 8th place Sepak takraw 66.00 percent 9th cycling 62.48 percent 10th tennis 54.00 percent and others 18.10 percent

Asst. Prof. Dr. Ratthapong Bunyanuwat, Director of Human Capital Development Innovation Center He added that the survey reflects that although society and the country still have to face the phenomenon of the Covid-19 epidemic. But the sample group also gave importance to participation for development. and elevate the country’s sports to be progressively comparable to other successful countries

Interestingly, it can be seen that the majority of the sample groups are hopeful. and the opportunity to develop and bring success to the government as well as related agencies especially in driving policies and development plans to achieve goals as well as pushing sports to be a national agenda

At the same time, when talking about hopes or chances of success And bring reputation to the country of Thai athletes from participating in international sporting events in 2022, it can be seen that the sample groups expect athletes to win medals. and bring happiness to society continuously

especially the excellence in the 31st SEA Games and the 19th Asian Games, and above all, when considering the sport of hope, it is found that they are all sports that Thai athletes have achieved. and has consistently produced excellent results in an empirical manner before.

However, from the results of this survey, it would be one of the dimensions that people involved in the Thai sports industry. will be used as a case study or database for driving and elevate the Thai sports industry to be successful and stepping further towards international standards And the critical issue is to coordinate in accelerating the unlocking of Vada’s bans in the relevant dimensions. and causing damage to the Thai sports industry



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