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Survive relegation! Cologne raids Holstein Kiel 5-1 (5-2)

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Cologne continues to survive on the Bundesliga. After defeating Holstein Kiel from the Liga two goals, including two matches.

LIVE UPDATE Bundesliga (playoff): Holstein-Kiel-Cologne

Bundesliga play-off game To win quotas, promotion or relegation, second match It is a meeting between the number 3 from the Liga two, Holstein Kiel opened the home nest of Holstein-Stadion. Welcoming a visit to Cologne’s No. 16 Bundesliga.

Ole Werner, home coach Hold the advantage of attacking to win first in the first match 1-0, choosing to arrange an army in the 4-1-4-1 system, use the target face Fabian Reece to make an offensive game with Fin Bartels, E. Jae-Song, Alexander Bieler and Finn Porath

The visiting team of Fried Helm Funchel had to win by scoring more than 2 goals. If you hope to continue to survive Placed in a 4-2-3-1 plan, Sebastian Anderson made an attack with Marius Wolf, Audrey Duda and Fla. Dear Kynz

Just 3 minutes of the game started, as Cologne’s side came and quickly led the goal from the moment Audrey Duda opened the ball on the left side of the penalty area for Jonas Hector to hover. Tackles the distant pole Send the crazy goats to invade 1-0.

But only the fourth minute later, Holstein Kiel came up with an impromptu equalizer from the moment Finn Porath had a right shot in the penalty area to Sef Timo Horn. Lee Jae-Songdot repeatedly tackled the sword, no two left. Make the score move the same at 1-1

But soon, in the sixth minute, Cologne came up with another goal from the moment Florian Kainz opened the ball from the left-hand side into the penalty area for Sebastian Anders. Santek tackles decisively. Help the crazy goat lead another 2-1 round.

Followed by the 13th minute, Cologne added three more balls from the moment the old Kynz opened the ball on the left side into the penalty area for the same Anderson jumped on the head to hit Joan. Niskelios cannot accept anyway, the ball skips over the goal line. It is also the second child of the Swedish striker in this game. Send the crazy goats to flee 3-1.

At the end of the first half, 39th minute, Cologne came to the fourth goal, ripping away from the moment Yanneshorn put the ball in the middle of the field into the penalty area for Hector to head over to Rafa. Lakshishos volleyed with the left, lost into the net. Helping the crazy goats lead 4-1 away. Before finishing the first 45 minutes with this score

The second half of Cologne came, plus five more balls. At the end of the game, 84th minute from the moment that Jan Thielmann flowed the ball on the left side of the penalty area to the center for Eljeshkiri Pae with the right, sharp focus, sending the crazy goats away from the five. -1

Then no more doors arose. Make the final end of the game as Cologne collapsed, defeated 5-1, including the result of two games, winning over 5-2, still playing on the Bundesliga for the next season.

List of players from both teams

Holstein Kiel (4-1-4-1): Joannis Gelios; Phil Neumann, Haugewahl, Simone Lawrence (Josua Mezn.46), Marco Komenda (Mikle Kirgeskovn. 63 ); Jonas Meffert; Finbartels, Ejae-Song, Alexander Bieler, Finn Porath (Benjamin Girtn. 46); Fabian Reiz (Noah Awoogoon. 81)

Unused reserve: Yannik Dehm, Thomas Dahne, Alexander Injovsky, Jonas Sterner, Dominic Reimann.

Yellow card – Finn Prath n. 31

Cologne (4-2-3-1): Timo Horn; Kingsley Ehisiboue, Sebastian Bornow (Jorge Meren.46), Rafael Chichos, Yanneshorn (Ismaili. Laya Cobs, p. 46); Eljeshkiri, Jonas Hector; Marius Wolf (Jan Thielmann, n.72), Andrey Duda (Max Meiern.63), Florian Kynz; Sebastian Anderson (Dominic Drexler, .76)

Unused reserve: Ben Nochmitz, Marco Hoger, Ron-Roberto Zieler, Salih Ezschan

Yellow Cards – Sebastian Bornow, n.28, Yanneshorn n.44, Timo Horn 65, Jan Thielmann n.88

Live program

Check the live football program here.

Date and time of the match?

game Holstein Kiel – Cologne
A date Saturday, 29 May 2021
time 23.00 PM.
field Holstein – Stadion


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