Sushiro conveyor belt Sushiro Customer nuisance video “Consult the police and deal strictly”

In response to a video posted on social media of a customer harassing a customer inside a large conveyor belt sushi chain, Sushiro, the company issued its comments and will take strict action after consulting the police I do .

According to the company, in the video confirmed on SNS by the 30th, the customer licked the soy sauce placed in the audience and the unused hot water in the self-service storage area, and then returned to the original state. means that it is posted that it is returned.

“FOOD AND LIFE COMPANIES”, which owns the operating company “Sushiro”, released a comment on the 30th, saying, “In providing safe and secure sushi, we have seriously considered this a serious incident that undermines the relationship of trust with customers. I accept it.”

After that, he said, “We will deal with criminal and civil matters strictly in consultation with the police as soon as possible.”

The company is conducting an investigation, such as locating the store where the nuisance is said to have occurred.

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