“Susie Susira” opens her heart for the first time after her fiancee’s death Covid has devastated businesses.

“Susie Susira” opens her heart for the first time after her fiancee’s death Covid has devastated businesses. Take the money saved and spend millions!

Talented actress Suzy Susira, who today will open her heart for the first time after her fiancee passed away. because of depression to the point of not accepting a job for many years The mind must be healed with the belief of communicating with the spirit world. along with heart status updates I’m single now, so hot There are a lot of men following In addition, the person also said that Covid-19 poisoned the business, almost bankrupt, lost income for 2 years through the talk show program on Channel 31 with Chompoo before the afternoon and Peggy Srithanya is the host of the program.

What is our state of mind or feelings like now?Susie: I feel good now, I’m happy.

Rewind to 3 years ago, how many years was our fiancée at that time dating?Susie: They dated for 7 years, the first 5 years were long distance relationship. We flew to each other like this. and have been together for the last 2 years

During our relationship, did we know about the illness before?Susie: Yes, he works as a warrior. will have to encounter many events that affect his mind

How’s the last 2 years of love being together?Susie: Good. We always have a happy moment.

But one day, an unexpected event happened. fiancée deceased Can you tell us a little bit about what happened?Susie : At that time I was with him at Susie’s house in Chiang Mai. When I heard the news, I was shocked. I couldn’t behave. I couldn’t speak at all. I couldn’t speak at all. I couldn’t behave. Very sad.

At that time, beside Susie, there was someone who was a friend. And then pulled out of shock?Susie: We are very fortunate to have a lot of people around us to support us as well. Very lucky to have a family that loves us. Our support is always by our side. And fortunately, there are all dear friends who always support us. As for Xi, he definitely couldn’t pass that point. If we don’t have everyone who loves and supports us I want to thank everyone very much. who gave love to the spokes at that time Xi was very grateful.

At that time, Khun Aerin went to give an interview to the media instead?Susie: Thank you very much Aerin. representing a time when the spokes could not be human

Show that we are with ourselves. We have quite a lot of tears, right?Suzy: Of course, Aerin was really cute back then. We don’t have to say much. He knew he had to help. Come talk to us. Let’s set up a base. Become a block for Susie.

At that time, what kind of encouragement or method could you use to get up again?Susie: I would say it was an experience and a story that wasn’t easy. We spend a lot of time taking care of ourselves. In order to get through that storm, everyone can do it if we focus and focus on taking care of ourselves. Give yourself lots of time. Everything is a step, it takes time, step by step.

In addition to the support from the family Another way is to seek therapy?Susie: First, I want to talk about taking care of yourself. Health care is the most important spokes exercise every day Then have discipline in exercising. Also want to thank Chris for helping trend Suzy. He’s very good at exercise. It’s like making us a trendsetter for ourselves.

Therapy is not massage. But it’s a therapy. Is it training us to love ourselves?Susie: Yes, loving yourself is the most important thing and the greatest thing we give ourselves is love. and taking care of yourself Taking care of our mental, physical and mental health As for the cis, it goes with nature. Nature is what Susie loves very much, and nature gives us a very good energy for healing, and she goes to see a psychologist, to help Mindset find ways to think positively. It’s not that we’re sick. But Xi saw that everyone needed help sometimes. it is normal We shouldn’t be ashamed of this.

I see that there is another science Is that communicating with the spirit world?Susie: Xi learned from a teacher. Meditation is called Qigong. It is the art of training the mind. and train the Chinese self They will help us to be strong mentally, physically and mentally. They make us accept every situation. more firmly At that time, I was doing it every day.

Saw him saying that this science if you sit well Can it really communicate with the spirit world?Susie: It’s more of an Energy’s quadratic. We use our souls to connect with the world, with the universe, with God. When we connect with the outside, it’s four energy from the inside out. outside come inside We receive a very good energy from God. Once it enters our body, it clears our minds. And then there is something special and supernatural. At that time, I did it every day, 1 hour a day, but it wasn’t like 1 hour, it was like 10 minutes.

Do you want to contact your deceased boyfriend as well?Susie: It doesn’t matter. It’s a connection with God. It’s more of a supernatural energy. Says Chris, he’s gone to another place. He’s gone.

Use this science to heal yourself until you get better, but not 100%, so you decide to go back to Australia?Susie: Yeah, it was probably 1-2 months after the incident. The house there is where we feel the happiest. It’s by the sea. We practice qigong in the sea, on the sand, listening to the waves, enjoying the fresh air. Get energy from the sun every day When we practice, we never feel this much energy. I’ve never felt this way in my life. It has a very good performance. so when we were there

How many months was that?Susie: Probably about 2 months. Going to practice the mind is getting better and better. And we can also smile while we do it. Sometimes we see him saw him coming out of the sea smile for us It was tears of gratitude. It’s a very good feeling for each other.

During the training, did you secretly cry?Susie: Of course. We humans must have these moments. But most of them are happy tears. who knows more than every moment that we are together It was a very good moment, happy.

than being strong How many months have you stopped working in the industry?Susie: Almost a year when I asked to rest my mind. and then request a break from the industry It is very important that we give ourselves time.

Now back to normal work?Susie: Yes.

What have we learned from the incident?Susie: Learn to love yourself more. Love yourself the most. Take care of yourself. Take care of your health, mind, body and mind.

If you can communicate with your ex-lover What do you want to convey?Susie: I know I heard it and it’s probably already in a beautiful place. deep feeling is always love and care

when everything is in place Susie has a boyfriend. People think that Move On is too fast or not?Susie: Actually, it’s been a year. I said it wasn’t that fast. It depends on what people think, but for us, we are ready to start over. and then said that Chris wants us to be happy Not for us to be stuck in that place.

It will take a long time for us to be strong. When you come across a comment like this, do you feel bad again?Susie: Most of us don’t watch, don’t read, what’s not good for us? we don’t care We don’t take it.

Now it’s hotter?Susie: So embarrassed, now she’s single.

Are there many people selling dumplings?Susie: Well, we’ve come to talk. definitely have How can it not be beautiful like this?

Most of them are Thai men or foreigners?Susie: I didn’t specify which country it was, it’s all there.

Do we have specs?Susie: Xi is open, didn’t specify what nationality it was. I want him to be a person with a good heart, nice to talk to.

Is it a Casanova?Susie: Not that much. The spokes are still, the spokes are still, they are beautiful, they don’t need much. We’ve been talking all the time. Keep looking at each other, not in a hurry, but in the future I want to have children. In the head plan roughly I would like to have children for another 4 years, if I can.

show open heart Definitely not afraid of love?Susie: Yes.

I saw that in the past, I worked and didn’t take care of myself. After work, go on a trip, body shabby?Susie: If we don’t care about taking care of ourselves, our bodies will deteriorate. which at that time was not as bright as now

Does covid break business?Susie : It’s a family business. It is a business of silk, cotton, tie-dye fabric, Mudmee fabric. Mother is a foreigner. but a fabric expert

After covids, what happened to our business?Susie: It’s been very difficult during the covids. Chiang Mai has no tourists in the past. No one came to visit No one entered the store. We don’t have customers, we don’t have income, we need to find another solution, which is to do a workshop, which is what we usually do. It’s a fabric dyeing workshop. That is, we have to do a workshop in order to support ourselves. We need to let many employees go. It’s very disappointing we don’t want but really necessary

How many employees did we have in the first place?Suzy: Probably about 7 people, more than half of them left. it is very necessary I’m sorry to have to let them go. Even my mother, sister, it’s very difficult. I can’t earn money at all.

Carry the expense to the point of cutting the meat?Susie: Yes, the whole family has to use all the savings they have saved to support themselves.

The drama was not filmed. The store has no income. take the money How is the situation now?Susie: It was very difficult lately. I used the money I had accumulated. And help take care of your mother. mom has expenses but no income Ours only use the money saved. Because there is no work in the industry, it’s exhausting.

Hundreds of thousands or even millions?Susie: Millions, the burden is a lot. We are stressed. I think everyone is stressed. Everyone is very difficult I would like to encourage everyone to pass through. The light is in front of us we have to be patient During this time we are getting better. What’s more coming to us? it’s encouraging Continue to be patient

Susie has a child?

Susie: A very surprised child. That’s Suzy’s very own swimwear project, she designed it herself, made from recycled plastic. help the environment

You can follow and watch the full interview on the program “Chat Zab Show” every Monday – Friday. Time 13:05-14.05 on Channel one31 Facebook Page : Hot Talk Show Watch backwards on Youtube Channel : Orange Mama

Interview clip with Suzy Susira


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