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Possibly one of the biggest game leaks in history. Rockstar Games’ unpublished “Grand Theft Auto 6” is attacked by an unknown person who claims to be a hacker, leaks a large number of secret development documents and videos, and even claims to have the development source code at hand!

A user from the “Grand Theft Auto” forum GTAForums “TeapotUberHacker” claimed to be the mastermind behind the Uber hack, and published 90 test videos claiming to be from “Grand Theft Auto 6”, covering the Source code , assets, etc. for Grand Theft Auto 5 and 6.

Currently, these videos and clips continue to circulate on YouTube, Twitter, Reddit and other social networking sites, because they are similar to the previous piece of information that was also allegedly leaked from “Grand Theft Auto 6”, such as multiple playable characters, female characters, set in the style of Miami Sin City, and more.

The post is still posted on GTAForums and continues to be commented on (web link).

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The hacker called Rockstar Games and Take-Two at the same time the message was released, asking any employee who saw it and wanted to contact him to discuss a deal with him. So far, some of the “alleged” source code of “Grand Theft Auto 5” has been bought for $100,000 worth of Bitcoin (equivalent to about NT$3.13 million).

According to the hacker, the sold “Grand Theft Auto 5” source codes will be sent with the “Grand Theft Auto 6” files, but the “Grand Theft Auto 6” source code has not been sold, the quote must be Above 5- dollar figure.

It is worth noting that TeapotUberHacker seems to have deliberately seen the offer of Rockstars Games or Take-Two to buy back the “Grand Theft Auto 6” source code, and package the slightly less profitable “Grand Theft Auto 5” or some 6th generation files, but in rumors After the transaction was successful, the hacker denied the fact that the bitcoins had reached the account, in other words … it was suspected that a black eating event had occurred. It can only be said that the actual transaction status is confusing.

At the same time, according to Bloomberg reporter Jason Schreier, Rockstar Games contacts indicated that they are aware of the issue.


Incidentally, the hacker claimed to be involved in the recent Uber hack.

Continue to pay attention to the subsequent development.

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