Suspected Galaxy S22 parts exposed, revealing the appearance of the three series | Now News

[MOBILE]As the saying goes, “There are pictures, there are truths.” Recently, in the news about Samsung’s flagship Galaxy S22 series in 2022, following the spread of Galaxy S22 Ultra samples, there are screen protectors, lens modules, etc. that are suspected of three series. The outflow of parts pictures brings a more comprehensive reference to the appearance of the device.

Among the lens parts of the Galaxy S22 series, there was a suspected CAD machine drawing earlier, revealing that it adopts a one-piece modular design, and the partial parts of the lens module shown by the domestic media recently seem to indirectly support this statement. Among them, the Galaxy S22 Ultra lens group uses a two-row arrangement similar to the straight 3+2 shown in the previous picture, while the Galaxy S22 and S22+ lens configurations seem to use the same straight three-lens design. In addition, inferred from the average opening spacing, if the picture is true, it seems that the entire series of Galaxy S22 phones are not equipped with large-size photosensitive elements that occupy more space.

As for the fuselage screen, according to the screen protectors of three suspected Galaxy S22 phones, it can be seen that the Galaxy S22 Ultra uses a rectangular micro-curved hyperboloid screen similar to the Note 20 Ultra, while the S22 and S22+ use four circles. Side plane screen design. The front lens of the three S22 mobile phones adopts a center-mounted aperture screen solution. According to the news, the screen size is 6.06 inches for S22, 6.55 inches for S22+, and 6.8 inches for S22 Ultra.


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