Suspected monkey pox infection inflows into Korea… Hospitalization at Incheon Medical Center

Foreigners waiting for quarantine

(Yeongjongdo = Yonhap News) On the morning of the 27th of last month, overseas entrants are waiting for quarantine at the arrival hall of Terminal 1 of Incheon International Airport. In front of the passengers, a notice about monkey pox has been erected. 2022.5.27 [공동취재]

(Incheon = Yonhap News) Reporter Sang-yeon Kim = It was found that a person suspected of being infected with monkey pox, a viral disease, was introduced into Korea.

According to Incheon Medical Center on the 21st, Mr. A, suspected of being infected with monkey pox, was transferred to an isolation ward at Incheon Medical Center around 9:40 pm on the same day.

Person A is known to have shown symptoms of suspected monkey pox while entering Incheon International Airport.

Earlier, Incheon City designated Incheon Medical Center as a dedicated medical institution in preparation for the possibility of monkey pox entering Korea.

Incheon Medical Center allocates two quarantine beds and provides inpatient treatment for suspected or confirmed cases of monkey pox.

Monkey smallpox is a virus that has become endemic in Africa, but after the first case was reported in the UK on the 7th of last month, it has spread rapidly around the world.

The government has designated the disease as a second-grade infectious disease in order to respond quickly when monkey pox enters Korea.

An official from Incheon Medical Center said, “A person is suspected of being infected and will receive an accurate test.”

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