‘Suspects of fraud and assault’ Yeong-cheol, 14th ‘I’m Solo’ production team ‘dissatisfaction’

Yeong-cheol (pseudonym), a performer in the ‘Gold Miss & Mr. Special’ from the ENA Play/SBS Plus love reality show ‘I’m Solo (SOLO) Season 14’, the production team said it is being announced. use.

On the 3rd, Youngchul said on his social media, “I’m a very ordinary person. I didn’t know how to deal with shock and fear when my personal problems came out during the broadcast.”

[서울=뉴시스] ‘I’m solo’ 14th Youngcheol. 2023.06.04. (Photo = Captured from the village’s main entertainment television YouTube channel)

He said, “The day before the last episode aired, I had an agreement with the writer to attend a live broadcast, but after that time, speculative articles about me, which had not been reported for a month, started pouring in. inside.” I said it would be difficult for me to attend (live broadcast).”

However, Youngchul said he changed his mind to attend the live broadcast. That was because of “the thought that if I don’t gather my courage now, I’ll never get another chance, and I want to express my own point of view and finish well.”

However, he explained why the live broadcast, which had been scheduled for the end of the 14th season, was changed to a recorded broadcast, saying, “The risk was too great to broadcast live, containing my personal problems, so it was suddenly changed to a recorded one.”

In particular, Young-cheol expressed regret at the reaction of the production team. He said, “If I was worried about the controversy, I think I would have felt more comfortable if I had decided to edit the whole thing. I wonder if my controversy was good publicity material for the production team he complained.

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Recently, a controversy arose online when Mr. A, who claimed to be Yeong-cheol’s ex-fiance, posted an article alleging his assault and fraud under the pretense of marriage. The live broadcast scheduled for the 31st of last month was suddenly replaced by a recording, raising the controversy further. Youngchul explained in the broadcast, “I talked to the production team not to respond because it wasn’t true.

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