Suspicion of extramarital affair; Wife surrenders at station with husband’s severed head | Andhra woman kills husband

Tirupati: A 50-year-old woman surrendered at a police station after beheading her husband in Tirupati, Andhra Pradesh. Ravichandran, 53, was killed. Police registered a case and arrested Ravichandran’s wife Vasundhara.

The incident took place at Renigunda village in Tirupati on Thursday. The woman came in front of the police station in an auto with her husband’s severed head. He then walked into the police station with his head wrapped in a plastic bag and reported the murder to police.

Ravichandran and Vasundhara were married 25 years ago. They also have a 20-year-old son. The problems between the two started recently. His wife had an argument with Ravichandran, who arrived home late on Thursday night. This was followed by murder.

Police, however, did not say the exact motive behind the murder. According to police, Vasundhara suspected that Ravichandran was having an extramarital affair. Ravichandran’s body was shifted to a hospital in Tirupati for post – mortem.

content highlights: Andhra woman kills husband, walks into police station with his severed head



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