Suspicious title deed “Koh Nui Nok” after being peddled for 100 million baht

People’s organizations noted that the issuance of the Koh Nui Nok title deed was dubious. After the signatory has signed an order to issue a deed, just 2 days before retirement, and the land has been announced for sale at 20 million baht per rai, claiming that the deed is legally issued. Even though fishermen have been using the island as a public area for many years

Today (29 Nov 2021) Koh Nui Nok condition An island in the middle of the sea, 3 kilometers from the coast, in the area of ​​Moo 3, Ko Lanta Yai Subdistrict, Ko Lanta District, Krabi Province, where representatives of the Ban Je Lee Mangrove Forest Conservation Villages surveyed after learning that a land title deed was issued to occupy the whole island, covering an area of ​​more than 5 rai.

therefore worried because this area still maintains the integrity of the forest It is a source of fishing for mutual benefit since the ancestors. No one has ever claimed a tenure document. make believe that the source of the issuance of the title deed is unlawful

A preliminary inspection of the land in Krabi province revealed that the title deed was issued by the Land Deed Exploration Center. Surat Thani Province on September 28, 2021 signed by the Center Director as a land officer 2 days before retirement

There, Mr. Sumit Harntalay brought the documents Sor Kor 1 to apply. Later on October 18, 2021, or only 20 days apart, the power was given to the first person whose first and last names matched with high-ranking government officials in Department of Special Investigation (DSI) before it was announced for sale at a price of 20 million baht per rai or 100 million baht.

People’s Organization Call for inspection of the issuance of title deeds by the Land Title Deed Exploration Center Surat Thani Province at the same time because it was found to be suspicious that this survey

If any villagers go to submit a normal request did not rush to proceed different from filing a request with someone waiting to buy The staff will expedite the action immediately. Therefore, it is feared that further action will be taken against other island areas.

Remarks, in addition to the signature of the land officer Just 2 days before retirement, it was also found that there may be benefits for certain groups of people. because the survey center issued the land title deed have the power to issue title deeds by themselves

without having to enter the process of the Land Office And if there is no tight control, it will be a gap in the use of power, resulting in those who want to occupy the land can easily do so.

While investigating civil servants under the DSI that accepts the transfer of this land title deed Still waiting for clarity from the Director-General of DSI.

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