Home Entertainment Suspicious? Weir Sukolwat went to rent a car with someone in Nan.

Suspicious? Weir Sukolwat went to rent a car with someone in Nan.

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Post car rental shop. Delighted.WeirRent a car, come with a very beautiful woman The fan club revealed that Weir went to film a drama with Kong. This event made the fans confused as to who the aforementioned girl was.

After news that the couple who have been together for 9 years, such as the young hero Weir, Weir Sukolwat and Bella Ranee, broke up because of disagreements.no third party After the famous host Boy Thitiporn revealed information through the entertainment news program.

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The latest page is famous for Jay Moi 108. came out to leave a mystery as a comment of a car rental shop in Nan province after young Weir went to rent a car saying

The subordinate took the customer’s ID card and walked to him.
Underlings : Brothers and sisters, this customer looks like a celebrity.
Nui : Huh!!! Weir Sakonwat Who is this already old?
Underlings : Who doesn’t know, so beautiful
Thank you P’ Weir and P’ Bella… for choosing to use the car service.
Rent with NN Car Rent Co., Ltd.

Photo credit: FB: Je Moi 108

Before one fan came in to comment on P’ Weir came to film the drama at Nan Ka, Channel 7 filming, didn’t come to Bella. to which the shop replied that Let’s come. Let’s get a car together. 2 people use a private car, but Bella go back first This event, so I don’t know if it’s really Bella or who it is. However, we will have to wait for the person to come out and clarify this issue again. Don’t be so quick to judge.

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Photo credit: FB: Je Moi 108

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