SUT ordered the BMA-Governor of 76 provinces. provide vaccines to employees ThaiBev’s family of 7,000 people

instruction book Ministry of Interior to the provincial governor and Bangkok to provide vaccines to employees and their families of Thai Beverage Public Company Limited.

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Reporters reported that Mr. Chatchai Phromlert, Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Interior As the person responsible for solving the emergency situation in relation to the order and coordination with the governor and the governor of Bangkok signed 2 letters to the Permanent Secretary of Bangkok and the Provincial Governor To support vaccines for employees of Thai Beverage Public Company Limited, who requested vaccine support for 43,201 employees and 28,244 families in Bangkok and 76 provinces.

By the letter stating that Thai Beverage Public Company Limited has requested for support of the Coronavirus Vaccine 2019 to reduce the risk of spreading the disease for 43,201 employees and their families. of the Company’s employees of 28,244 in 76 provinces and Bangkok

Details appear in the copy of the letter of Thai Beverage Public Company Limited No. OH. 600/2521 dated June 8, 2021, attached herewith. The Center for Management of the Epidemic of Coronavirus Disease 2019, Ministry of Interior (MTC) considers that the Company is a private sector with missions and operating structures in various regions across the country. The risk of contracting coronavirus 2019 (COVID-19) to employees and the family of the Company’s employees Therefore, please consider supporting the prevention day. Coronavirus disease 2019 in accordance with rules and guidelines


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