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Sutthichai Yun: “Japan” Covid and Olympics: PPTVHD36

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There is an agreement that Japan will hold the Olympics or not, and COVID-19 is spreading this much. Many big cities including Tokyo, Osaka, Kyoto, all major cities In a state of serious emergency measures against COVID.

“International Olympics” in Tokyo will be originally scheduled on July 23, but “Yoshihide Suga” Prime Minister of Japan. Last announcement yesterday Need to postpone the announcement of the intensive control of COVID-19 until 20 June ’21

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Will it be arranged or not !! 83% of Japanese encouraged people to stop and postpone the Olympics.

Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga said that if it is not serious, it is not intense, it will not be possible !!

This is accelerating vaccination. Brought in to say the end of June, there will be 100 million doses, the end of September will have another 100 million doses. To 2.8 million medical personnel, 2 million elderly hospital workers, but still do not take them.

It is announced that from now on, from now on, from 1 Jun to 20 Jun, it will be called Semi-lockdown of Japan at all.

The big question is how is the Olympics ok?

In Japan, this debate fervently.

Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga tried to maintain his decision.

Because the day before the vice president of the IOC, the International Olympic Committee “John Coates” visited Tokyo. Tell me how to arrange Because Japan has not been postponed for a year.

Only the Japanese people in various circles came out to condemn. The position of the IOC vice president is that you are not interested in Japanese life at all.

And the important stance comes from the Asahi Shimbun newspaper, Japan’s second largest newspaper, one of the major sponsors of the Tokyo Olympics. Came out with an editorial on page 1 saying We saw that the Tokyo Olympics should be canceled.

Big deal because of the influence of this media But Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga still tried to inform. That we have our measures to look at first, don’t decide Because invested a lot

But at the same time, as the country’s leader, Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga had to think hard that If the Olympics are to be held Even with the rules That people watching do not have to come to watch online, only athletes that come No one can assure you that things will not happen that people fear Is the strain of coronavirus from Japan

Because if you get together this much The possibility of a new species being born easily

Why are you afraid? Even though the audience forbids to come, but athletes, we control the vignettes not to pass through. Get off the plane, take the car to pick up Come to the sports village The race has finished and returned to the accommodation, not allowing him to hang around anywhere. But nevertheless Still have a question, whether to really take it Control or not

“I checked the numbers and the athletes, the media staff who went to the Olympics must have at least 59,000 people, not including the Paralympics. Usually about 20,000 people go together. A total of 80,000 people go together at one point in Tokyo. Think about it that each person who will come in must be examined. How many injections have been done? How many injections have been done? How do I maintain the distance? Do I have to wear a mask during the race? “

These are all unanswered questions.

But for sure, many Japanese people say Not likely to happen

“I think everyone is still excited. Because the decision of Japan Affect the economy The status of the Olympics sponsors a lot of live broadcast revenue.

But today, the pandemic COVID-19 For example, Japan, which he initially said, has 120 million people, ordered 200 million doses of vaccines, 70-80 percent of the population. The first measure was Quite strict The payment softened due to the noise of business demands, and when the payment softened, large cities had to come back under more stringent measures.

Big cities Thai people know all Tokyo and 9 other prefectures under intense measures. Tokyo, Kyoto, Osaka, Hokkaido, Okinawa, Hiroshima. These cities are tourist destinations. A city familiar to Thais But I believe Thai people who are waiting for the day, waiting for the night to travel to Japan The country where Thai people travel the most I have to be patient and have to wait a little longer, because even though America still warns the American people that during this time don’t go to Japan because The infection spread faster than expected.

If America doesn’t let its own people come to Japan And then the Olympics will start on July 23, just a little over two months. Do you think it will be over before the start of this game?

I find it difficult if I had to guess the Prime Minister of Japan had to make a decision within 2 weeks and the trend was that I would not be able to arrange it. As for what is the exit, and how do you stay tuned? Because this has a political, economic, diplomatic and relationship between Japan and the World Olympic Committee. “


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