Suwat organizes the Legend Fighting – View, the first promoter Champion receiving the famous temple in Hua Hin

Muay Thai fight and mixed martial arts “Legend Fighting Championships” View-Yaoapa Burapolchai, the first promoter Champion receives medals from famous temples in Hua Hin

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Mr. Suwat Liptapanlop, Former Deputy Prime Minister As the president of the competition management consultant Chairman of the press conference of Thai boxing competitions And mixed martial arts (Mixed martial arts: MMA) Legend FC “Legend Fighting Championships” with Mr. Natha Chomsevee, General Manager of Legend Arena Hua Hin, Ms. Wajee Klomkliang, Executive Director of Hua Hin Asset Company Limited and “View” Yaowapa Burapolchai, a former taekwondo player. Bronze medal hero of the 2004 Olympic Games as a promoter, also made a statement at The Legend Arena, 3rd floor, Bluport Hua Hin, Prachuap Khiri Khan Province on March 23, 2022.

Mr. Suwat Liptapanlop revealed that it is a pleasure to have sporting events in Hua Hin once again. which every time the sport is organized is very successful, such as a tennis match making Hua Hin known all over the world. For this time, it will be a Thai boxing competition. And mixed martial arts, Legend FC “Legend Fighting Championships”, which was held for the first time, competed at the square in front of the Bluport Hua Hin shopping center, Hua Hin District, Prachuap Khiri Khan Province. under the measures to prevent covid-19

“Hua Hin is considered one of the most important boxing cities of the country, with many world champions and famous Thai boxing champions, such as Pone Kingpetch, the first Thai boxing world champion in history. There are also many boxing camps. But the important development is that there must be a standardized competition arena. And has a world-class reputation, therefore, the Legend FC competition was born to reinforce that Hua Hin City and Bluport Hua Hin are the centers of combat sports cities that have received attention from all over the world. Hua Hin town Stimulate the economy and tourism After going through the Covid-19 situation, let’s go,” said the former deputy prime minister.

The president of the tournament management adviser continued that Legend FC will be held with world-class standards. Between April-July, a total of 4 stadiums will be held on April 2nd (mixed martial arts MMA) 8 pairs, 2nd field 14 May (Thai boxing) 8 pairs, 3rd field days. 4th June (Mixed Martial Arts MMA) 8 pairs and 4th field 2 July (Thai boxing) 8 pairs

“Each winner In addition to receiving the prize money also received a medal size 6 inches, the front is the image of Luang Pu Thuat. The back is an important place. of Hua Hin The aforementioned medals were passed through a ceremony by Buddha image or Chao Khun Pairote Paphatsaro, Abbot of Huai Mongkol Temple, Thap Tai Subdistrict, Hua Hin District, Prachuap Khiri Khan Province It is a highlight of Legend FC and is also a blessing for those who receive it,” said the president of the tournament management advisor.

While Mr. Natha Chomsevee said that thanks to all the supporters who have been part of organizing this competition. which we expect will open the door for athletes And the audience at home got to know more about the Legend Arena that we are not just a stadium. But we are a place that provides services ranging from high level coaching. to create national-level athletes, including the ability to organize national-standard sporting events for a Thai boxing match and mixed martial arts (MMA) for the first time in Hua Hin We do not only hope to stimulate sports tourism, but also the beginning of building a standardized arena. and pushing to have the opportunity to develop to the world level in the future

Ms. Wajee Klomkliang said that Bluport Hua Hin is very pleased to be one of the driving forces in Hua Hin’s sport. which the Proud Group I have always supported sports. Both organizing tennis at True Arena and other aspects until the opening of The Legend Arena for this competition at The Square Bluport Hua Hin is considered to reinforce the focus on Bluport Hua Hin as One of the Sports Destinations to promote tourism in Hua Hin making them happy to be bustling again And believe that in the future, we will be ready to compete in many sports and enter the world as well.

As for “View”, Yaowapa Buraphonchai said that this was the first time that she was promoted. will do the best In order for the Legend FC competition to achieve its goals for Thai people And sports fans around the world can watch this match as well. The match will also be broadcast live via online media.

by both Thai sports fans And foreigners can watch on YouTube channel Legend Fighting Championship ( ) and Facebook page Legend Fighting Championships Thailand ( /) with True Corporation Support live broadcasting to audiences around the world another channel. Through channels of True ID (True ID Application, True ID Website, True ID Box, Facebook True Prachuap Khiri Khan Province (

For the first field competition on April 2, there will be 8 pairs of mixed martial arts sports, MMA, with the first match, Boa Wayukorn (Thanawat Raschinarit) meets Chakrabhop Rattanamang, the second match. Khemika Suwanchot meets Paweena Palakan, match 3 Ekachai, relatives meet Thanachot Khamdee, match 4, Lopmek Brigade, meet Peter Denneso (Denmark), match 5 Alvaro Vera (Spain) ) Meet Witsarut Naomnoy, Match 6 Natthana Boonyuen meets Woratpinya Kaewkhong, Match 7 Nattawut Kaewkwanchum meets Jakub Wayman (USA) and partner Alexandra Mangkorn Barry Meet Phayungsak Singchalad, starting the first match at 19.00

Sports fans can follow the race. And details of the competition at and

Ticket sales channels Available from today onwards VIP Ticket: 1,000 baht / Regular Ticket: 500 baht


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