“Suwat” points out that the future of Korat will be a metropolis of Southeast Asia.

“Suwat” pointed out that Korat will be a metropolis of Southeast Asia (Southeast Asia).

On December 3, 2021 at Sima Thani Hotel Nakhon Ratchasima Province, Mr. Suwat Liptapanlop, former Deputy Prime Minister gave the last speech at the event “Making the power of Korat to revive the economy after COVID-19 moving forward to becoming a metropolis of the Isan region” organized by Isan Biz Media with Nakhon Ratchasima Rajabhat University, Rajamangala University of Technology, Nakhon Ratchasima Provincial Administrative Organization, Nakhon Ratchasima Municipality, Provincial Chamber of Commerce, Federation of Industry and Electricity Generating

Mr. Suwat said that after the Covid-19 business model will change, technology will come in more. Consumer behavior will focus on distance, safety, public health. Environment leads to new business models. Some businesses disappeared some left Some things can survive, but have to adapt. Must invest in new systems in work such as e-commerce, an online trading system instead, contactless systems, environmentally friendly electric cars, driverless vehicles, work at home (Work for Home) and digital currency.
Therefore, the New Normal comes for sure, everyone has to adapt. Every organization has to adapt to survive. And for us to work together to revive the Korat economy, it must consist of
1. We must continue to stimulate the economy from the government’s measures mainly on tourism. Because it directly goes down to the problems of entrepreneurs, traders, traders as long as the world economy has not recovered. The country’s economy has not yet recovered. investment has not yet arrived Tourism will also be linked to cultural activities. Restoration and building new tourist attractions to attract tourists Promotion of food, food, utensils, local products, OTOP to create jobs and income for people and grassroots entrepreneurs continuously through organizing activities to invite people to travel, eat, come shop and spend in Korat

“Korat’s strengths There are 3 shopping centers, organizing exhibitions to promote cheap products. Food festival, sports festival, inviting Thai people from all over the country to visit Korat It will be consistent with the stimulation of state policy. We travel together, half-person, the more we can use.”

2. When foreign investment is not yet available, government investment must be made to help stimulate job creation. by construction that uses budget and labor in Nakhon Ratchasima Province Accelerate the construction of various infrastructure works such as motors, double-track trains, high-speed trains. to create investment, employment, stimulate the economy

3. Create new projects Tourism in Korat to be a big project to be a magnet (Maxnet) in tourism such as the role of Rajabhat University, such as Korat Geopark, dinosaur park as a world-class tourist attraction Yellowstone, Mount Rushmore of the USA to attract tourists to Korat

4. Prepare for human resources to support investment in construction and new business development after COVID-19, especially in arranging student courses to be ready and in line with the post-Covid situation

5. Preparation is a smart province (Smart Province), not (Smart City) of Korat by using modern technology. To create a modern city to support growth, which is a city with a non-toxic environment, PM 2.5, dust-free, garbage-free, Public Part, intelligent traffic system, renewable energy, electric vehicle support system, farming system for ecasting natural and marketing, safe production and various 5 G systems

6. Modern industry is the future of Korat city after Covid. The demand for agricultural products, food, and exports has skyrocketed in line with the world’s new economy (BCG Economy). Thailand will have an advantage if we bring Soft Power to develop the country. and Korat in tourism and culture Because Korat has agricultural basis, rice, sugar cane, potato, rubber, corn, we mainly export as raw material. Use Industry and Technology and Marketing to grow and create jobs enormously in line with BCG (World’s Way Economy) and Soft Power on the rich tourism culture in Korat. It’s the rhythm of the country and Korat province coming up with the situation after covid.

Finally, 7. Must reduce the loss of flooding. The huge economic impact requires short-term and long-term planning. Infrastructure construction is required to systematically solve problems. Absolutely not to flood Korat again And the water must not be dry because Korat is an agricultural city.

“I have confidence in the potential of urban and academic people. that we are ready to break through the post coved and continue to grow Let’s just create a plan and integrate cooperation. create continuity policy Build the participation of the people of Korat It will result in “continuing the power of Korat out of the economy after COVID-19

Mr Suwat said that Korat is the gateway to Isan. It is the gateway to Indochina. It’s been a city in the northeast for a long time. Since General Chatchai Choonhavan was the prime minister, he has laid the foundation for successful development such as 4-lane roads Saraburi – Korat, Suranaree University of Technology, industrial estates, opening the door to the deep sea port, Highway 304, and continuous development such as Motorways, double-track railways, high-speed trains, the expansion of Mittraphap Road to 10 lanes, etc., these add to the outstanding potential of Korat as a point of prosperity to other cities in the Northeast.

But now the world’s royal status has changed a lot, especially the geopolitics and the various links in transportation that are good for the northeastern region. especially the Greater Nakhon Ratchasima Because Korat and the Northeast are linked to the Mekong sub-region that consists of 6 countries, Thailand, Southern China, Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam, Myanmar, the One Belt One Road project or China’s Belt and Road Initiative expands trade and investment through the Silk Road from China. To Europe, Africa with major railway and road routes.
The IMTGT project by the development of three economic zones (Indonesia Malaysia Thailand Growth Triangle) and RCEP ASEAN 10 countries plus China, Japan, Korea, Australia, New Zealand, trade agreements effective January 1, nearly 30,000 exports are exempt.

“You can see that the geopolitics that surround Thailand and the Northeastern region and Korat have made us an international location in terms of borders and trade, investment, connections with countries around the world.”

Especially China’s Belt and Road Initiative that will connect to Thailand through the high-speed rail project from Bangkok-Korat. continue to the north of the Northeast to connect with China and Laos Make Isan connect to the Silk Road project
Belt and Road Initiative to Europe, Russia, Africa, which will benefit the expansion of trade, investment, transport, tourism and logistics. Huge to Isan to Thailand

Therefore, the opportunity for Korat in the next 10-20 years if the development of various infrastructures The ongoing and effective involvement of various trade agreements And the success of China’s Belt and Road Initiative will make the Northeastern region, especially Korat. It will definitely be a commercial and investment metropolis and a regional economic center.

“Korat will not be the only city of Isan. To be a metropolis of Southeast Asia (Southeast Asia), it will take time to develop infrastructure for transportation and others. To successfully connect the relevant geography in the Greater Mekong Subregion, the IMTGT Belt and Road Initiative is a task that we must continue to push,” said Suwat.


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