Suwon Samsung Appoints Ki-hoon Yeom as Interim Coach in Bid to Avoid Relegation

Suwon Samsung, the K-League 1 professional football club, is facing the possibility of relegation to the second division for the first time in its 28-year history. In an effort to turn the tides and revive hope, the team has made some significant changes. Coach Kim Byeong-soo has been dismissed, and in his place, playing coach Ki-hoon Yeom has been appointed as the interim coach.

The decision to make this change was not taken lightly. Suwon’s general manager, Oh Dong-seok, acknowledged the dire situation the club finds itself in and concluded that change was inevitable. “The club will not shirk its responsibility,” he emphasized. As the season draws to a close, the team is determined to give its all in the remaining seven games and accept the evaluation of the fans once the season is over.

Interim coach Yeom Gi-hoon, who took charge with only seven games left, wasted no time in setting his plans in motion. Immediately after assuming his new role, he called for a team meeting and conducted the first training session. As part of the change in leadership, Kim Bo-kyung was appointed captain, while Ko Seung-beom, Bultuis, and Lee Jong-seong were named vice-captains. These adjustments were made with the aim of rejuvenating the team and establishing a fresh atmosphere, not only among the players but also with the training and support staff.

Expressing his dedication to Suwon, interim manager Ki-Hoon Yeom stated, “Having been with the club for a long time, I understand what needs to be done to improve the team. I am fully committed to giving my all and avoiding relegation.” He emphasized the importance of teamwork, urging the players to support and help one another as they work towards a common goal. “I will lead the way and keep moving forward,” he declared.

Despite any criticism or mocking from fans, Yeom holds the belief that unity is crucial in difficult times. He appeals to the supporters to stand by the team during this challenging period and requests their continued support.

As Suwon Samsung enters a critical phase, it remains to be seen whether these changes and the collective effort of the team can safeguard them from relegation. However, one thing is certain – with the interim coach at the helm, the club is determined to face the challenges head-on and strive for a successful outcome.

Acting Director of Suwon Samsung, Yeom Ki-hoon. Gyeonggi Ilbo DB

K-League 1 professional football Suwon Samsung, which is on the verge of being relegated to the second division for the first time in 28 years since the team was founded, sacked coach Kim Byeong-soo and appointed playing coach Ki-hoon Yeom as interim coach. .

Suwon announced on the 26th, “We decided that special measures were inevitable in order to overcome the dire crisis and revive the spark of hope, so we decided to fire coach Kim and end this season with” r coach Yeom Gi-hoon as interim coach.”

Suwon general manager Oh Dong-seok said, “After facing the current situation and considering whether we can turn things around in the remaining seven games, we have come to the conclusion that change is inevitable.” He added, “The club will not budge. responsibility too.” “I will do my best in the remaining games and humbly accept the fans’ evaluation after the season is over,” he said.

Interim coach Yeom Gi-hoon, who took over with seven games left in the season, held a team meeting that day and began his first training. Following the change in command, the captain was replaced by Kim Bo-kyung and the vice-captains were replaced by Ko Seung-beom, Bultuis, and Lee Jong-seong, and efforts were made to refresh the team atmosphere by adjusting the team roles . the training staff and the support staff.

Interim manager Ki-Hoon Yeom said through the club, “Having been with Suwon for a long time, I know very well what I need to do to improve the team, so I will not give the all the best and doing my best to avoid relegation.” He added, “I told the players, ‘You can’t do it alone. He ordered, “Let us all help each other and run towards one goal.” “I will look ahead and run,” he said.

He continued, “Even if the fans are mocking me, I hope they finish the season and release him. In difficult situations like the present, I think it’s time to join. “We ask for your continued support as you have done so far,” he added.

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