Suwon Samsung Kwon Chang-hoon and Suwon FC Lee Young-jae pass Sangmu soccer team

Kwon Chang-hoon Kwon (27) of Suwon Samsung and Young-jae Lee (27) of Suwon FC finally passed the National Army Sports Corps (Sangmu) in the K League 1 professional soccer team.

On the 7th, Sangmu announced the list of admissions for the national army representatives for the first round of 2022 through his website. The four successful candidates are Chang-Hoon Kwon, Young-Jae Lee, Ji-Hyeon Kim (Ulsan Hyundai, 25), and Yoon-Sung Kang (Jeju United, 24).

Kwon Chang-hoon is a midfielder for the national team who scored 7 goals in 28 matches in A. After playing in Suwon, he advanced to Europe and played in Dijon (France) and Freiburg (Germany). He returned to Suwon this year to solve the military problem.

Youngjae Lee joined Suwon FC this year and has been in charge of the midfield. He recorded 5 points and 7 assists in 30 games this year, contributing to Suwon FC’s position in the 5th place in the league. In particular, he scored a goal in the match against Suwon Samsung, which was the last game of the season and the last Suwon derby.

They will begin their military life on the 27th, starting with their admission to the Nonsan Army Training Center, and are expected to play an active role in the midfield of Sangmu Kimcheon.

With their joining, Director Kim Cheon has built a splendid squad for the next season as well. Director Kim Cheon won the K-League 2 and returned to the K-League 1 stage by showing off his solid power with Jung Seung-hyeon, Park Ji-soo, and Ko Sung-yun, who are active in the Korean national soccer team this season.

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