Suwon soccer fan assaulted outside the stadium, “it was cheering”

Controversy erupted after a professional soccer fan club Suwon Samsung assaulted a rival fan. It is also pointed out that the apology issued by the perpetrator and the club only fueled the fire, but the Federation is considering whether to take disciplinary action.

By Jang Dong-wook.

In front of the Suwon World Cup Stadium ahead of the ‘super match’ between Suwon Samsung and FC Seoul, the best rivals in professional soccer, a Suwon fan hugged a man in an FC Seoul uniform from behind and threw him to the floor.

Instead of stopping other Suwon fans around, they sang cheering songs and surrounded them menacingly, and the victim hurriedly took off her Seoul uniform.

The only fan who suffered a felony in broad daylight was a middle school student. Suwon’s inadequate response made the situation worse in a situation where the crowd was also pointing fingers and swearing at Seoul fans passing by in front of the stadium.

The perpetrator, known as a high school student, issued an apology that was difficult to understand, saying that he meant to cheer together, and the Suwon club gave a strict warning to the small group, and the perpetrator raised controversy with a blunt measure to block access to home games for two years.

Amidst the criticism from fans, the victim’s parents called the police sue the perpetrators.

The professional football federation is reviewing whether or not to take disciplinary action by receiving the inspectorate from both clubs, but the actual possibility of disciplinary action is unclear.

It is unclear whether the responsibility of the club is not within the stadium.

Professional football, which received favorable news from Tottenham Hotspur’s visit to Korea in July, 4 years before the national team evaluation. There are concerns that it could be caught in an unsatisfactory state of violence.

This is TV Chosun Jang Dong-wook.


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