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SVT “Retail Tech Stocks” sell IPO Sept. Enter the SET trading early Oct.

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HoonSmart.com>> “Sunvending Technology” No. 1 retail business through vending machines Under the trademark “SUNVENDING” prepares to offer 200 million shares at the end of September. Roadshow Thai-foreign institutions like it very much. Allocate shares to the fund as well. Raising funds to increase equipment Invest in system development and procurement of smart electronic devices to penetrate the ASEAN region. New stocks in the year 63-64 found 11 top companies. Open to jump, giving profits higher than 100%. Most of them are tech stocks.

Mr. Vicha Tomana Managing Director Investment Banking Phillip Securities (Thailand) as a financial advisor And as the underwriter and underwriter of the sale of capital increase shares of Sunvending Technology (SVT), revealed that SVT is preparing for an initial public offering (IPO) of 200 million shares at a par value ( Par) 1 baht per share, representing 28.57% of all shares after IPO, is expected to open for investors to subscribe for the shares at the end of September and is expected to be listed on the Stock Exchange of Thailand (SET) in the beginning of the month. Oct. 2021

” SVT operates a retail business. with technology to strengthen The company plans to use the money to expand the business. There is a lot of potential for growth. In addition, SVT sells products in cash. causing quite a lot of liquidity can be used to pay dividends According to the policy of not less than 40% of net profit, SVT shares can be viewed as a growth stock and during the roadshow has received quite a lot of interest from institutional investors at home and abroad. Therefore, we allocate some shares to the fund as well,” said Mr. Wicha.

Mrs. Apassara Panupattana, Managing Director of Sunvending Technology Company (SVT), said about the objectives of this fundraising. The company will use the money to provide the vending machine. to expand the installation of service covering all over Thailand With a goal in 2023, there are a total of 20,000 machines, both in the form of self-expansion and expansion through franchises. From the present there are approximately 14,000 machines.

for another part of the fundraising The company will use it to develop systems and provide electronic equipment. For the Smart vending machine as well, with the goal of developing the original machine to be a Smart model, about 75% from the current account is only 10%. The development of the machine with the introduction of technology systems It will add value to the business. and increase sales Because there is an E-Payment system that can accept payments in a variety of channels.

Business outlook in 2021 is expected to grow better than the previous year. Because in 2020, there is an epidemic of Covid-19. resulting in a slight decrease in sales with reduced working hours But the company still focuses on offering a variety of products. There are plans to build 3 more distribution centers (North, Northeast and South) from the original 11 to cover more than 26 provinces and make a plan to expand the business in the form of a franchise. to cover the whole country including expanding to the ASEAN region as well Initially, it is expected to enter CLMV countries first. There is also a plan to develop products that are SVT’s own brand to increase profitability.

As for the operating results for the first 6 months of 2021, the company had total revenue of 972.62 million baht, an increase of 12.39% from the same period last year. Most of the revenue comes from the sale of automated machines, accounting for about 98% of the total revenue, and revenue from the sale of automated machines and provision of advertising space on automated machines. Each accounted for 1% of total revenue, while net profit was 39.5 million baht, an increase of 31.23% from the same period last year.

In terms of operating results for the past 3 years (2018-2020), the company has total revenue of 1,699.35 million baht, 1,805.61 million baht and 1,767.36 million baht, respectively, and has a net profit of 132.2 million baht, 93.3 million baht and 55.5 million baht, respectively. due to the decrease in net profit Because the money is used to expand the business to grow continuously. and the future is expected to have a better trend According to the increasing number of automatic machines in the industry

“We continue to aim for better growth rates. And maintain the No. 1 market share. When the Covid-19 situation ends, we will expand abroad. The more it grows by leaps and bounds We hope that the Return on Equity (ROE) and Return on Assets (ROA) will return to the same highs as 2018 at 27.28% and 14.67%, respectively,” Ms Apasara said.

new stock that traded during the year 2020-2021, despite the Covid-19 crisis spreading, but found that up to 11 companies, the first-day opening price gave a return of more than 100% compared to the IPO price, especially the companies that entered Listed on the Market for Alternative Investment (mai) this year, there are up to 6 companies, most of them doing technology business, and in 2020 there are 3 companies. No company that enters the SET this year has a return higher than 1 times from the In 2020, there are 2 companies, NRF and KEX, but to this day (16 Sept. 2021 ), many companies share prices have dropped from the first day to enter the market, except IIG, which is very prominent. The first day opens at 19.80 baht, today closes at 31 baht, giving a return of more than 4 times the selling price of 6.60 baht.

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