SW Generator… Medals awarded to Lee Hong-gu and Baek Joon-gi from the Ministry of Science and ICT

It hosted the 23rd Software Industry Day event

The Ministry of Science and ICT held the ’23rd Software Industry Day’ event at L Tower, Seocho-gu, Seoul on the 5th and the Silver Tower Industrial Service Order of Merit was awarded to I&T CEO Soosan Lee Hong-gu and the Hwang Jo – Geun-jeong Medal to Chung-Ang University Vice President Baek Joon-ki, respectively.

CEO Lee was recognized for his contributions to the development of the software industry ecosystem, and Vice President Baek was recognized for his contributions to the establishment of Chung-Ang University’s Graduate School of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Advanced Graduate School of Imaging. , and develop an AI defense surveillance system.

The industry award went to Dream Security CEO Moon Jin-il and Samsung Electronics Vice President Lee Jong-yeol.

The Korea Software Grand Award given to the best software of the year was won by 12CM, and Korea Electric Power Corporation won the Korea Software Technology Awards, respectively.

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