Swallowed (Shift) “Look at yourself with other people’s eyes… Day by day, my body has transformed to be like everyone else’s… Harmonious and swallowed up…” Siamrath

Featherhead / Surname Boonyathat

“The cultural way of co-existing in today’s world It creates a multitude of reactions that are so intertwined that it is difficult to separate them… It is so subtle and resonant that it is almost impossible to find the origin of the universe in context of consciousness. Finally, it turns out to be a subset of the shifts and shifts that cannot find a source that is truly a balance (Shift)… all the things of the story in all life today, so it is mixed with a bitter taste, trembling, and confused emotions that mingled with the sticky self that was tied again and again in the inner thread of persecution. It is an open eye that is blinded by a bare, hollow mission, but fails to touch the structure of truth. in the sins until … for eternity..”

This is the centrifugal force of creativity that surges deep with its literary roots. In poetry and short stories the “Bannathorn” award from the Writers’ Association of Thailand And…the Safe and Creative Media Development Fund which has supported the publication…in the 50th anniversary of the founding of the Writers’ Association of Thailand…under the name. .. “Llyncu” (Shift).. which originates from the meaning of the name of the poem without prose when learning and recognizing the phenomenon of feelings manifested by … a young poet.. “Samiyo”

“Day by day… I began to inflate like a balloon full of gas. My body is beautiful from other people’s eyes…/ My “skin” starts to change according to my surroundings/Then… I start to look like that person. This person../legs that can move on their own shaky / … my long “nose” like Pinocchio / Started by looking at myself. With other eyes/.. counting the days, me, my body, my organs/mute like everyone else, melt and swallow….”

The state of “swallowing” begins quietly as if unconsciously… crawling to devour the inner flesh of life. With the unkind mouth of being … depressed and depressed in a profound way, but as a way of scrambling to beg for hope … it is a revival of disaster. who reached out with a strong hand to dominate survival…

A state of chaos seems to wrap around… It fades and disappears with the fading motion of the world. It’s hard to find any definitions…having is like not having…not being. In the light path of music that is strangely missing an important note…In the poem “Um” from “Jidanan Lueangpiensamut”, author of SEA Write. ….a person who looks at the life of the world at the moment The frustration that causes that turmoil..

“Angry and lost/As the music pauses at some point/Some notes are missing/Silence speaks volumes/In a moment of silence/The souls of the lost scream/.. ..Cracked and lost/Like a page from a book/Suddenly became blank/Content that should have been known didn’t exist/A clean white page/What story was lost/…They ban We speak the truth again/because it could frighten many/make people’s chairs shake/can’t sit anymore/some truths removed from society/people who tell the truth Gone quietly/Like erased by an eraser”…there are many of people disappearing without anyone knowing…/Like a drop of water evaporated by heat/We live in a country that hides the truth./What story has been lost?/How many bodies are there yet to find out?”

We are always caught up in a night unfamiliar to the living instinct. of sadness It is war after war. …It is the context of beautiful dreams as it is said to be bombarded by a deadly bullet from a dark heart…death floating before it…like a strange miracle colored by the explosion of the world. feeling of love….

“There is no “peace” they say…/All great discourse/humanitarian bombardment/How many lives remain silent? The battlefield/…Do you still hesitate?/You must put the mattress on the body,/Drink milk with blood.and fall in love/to join another body-last night/…with all your heart Dear child/If you are ready to know this “world” /Be patient a little longer, good person/ Let the wind blow that a mother has – the last wind/Are you sure?/The price of life is cheap. pointless/but it’s “birth” in death/ and “hope” in “fall” in our world…”

The poem “Even if it’s not a familiar night.” This award-winning poem… is the meaning of exposure to the theater of the world. which turns on the display of the partially displayed image. He was disfigured with scars. and an emotionally torn connotation that is difficult to put together…like a vision of a future obscured and obstructed by the abundance of bigotry garbage expressed through the ignorance of true consciousness…

If today…when the world is like this…so what exactly are we in our attitude of mankind..or have we all been crushed and destroyed our supposed self…No traces left Or the meaning of our roots has flown away and disappeared with the decay of a stranger… “Charoonporn Prapakpralai”, an important literary critic… has considered it in the poem. His “Reborn in a Wonder City” was very thoughtful…

“Your body crumbles into piles of mortar/People unite to crush the past/Tomb of traces of history/Always make things fresh/Nobody knows the future/Only promises in PM2.5 dust/ You’ll be more beautiful/ and make more money/ Lime will turn to gold… just like things in this magical city…/ We’ll see each other soon/ But I’m sorry i. If I don’t remember you../The world has changed so fast/Like all of us/We are forced to transform/Eliminate our souls/The past is worthless/Return…/”

We are all what we are … even if we don’t want to, we have to contain a piece of very strange feeling in our body. It was full of contradictions. But no matter how disgusting and desire to avoid it..that thing of hatred expands to the battlefield of truth, more and more in every dimension while…that is, the raging flame of conscience Knowing about the spirit that is difficult prevent .. by any means…

“The only soul catcher in the community He himself was not very proud of this work. but because there is no other choice The souls of those who died of wrath and a rotten pale figure Still less scary than hunger Without a stick for a long time, maybe it will end your life like that. If you want to live on, you have to swallow your fear. comfort yourself There are deaths worth money for life.”

a life that is only life o “Soul Catchers” becomes a breeding ground for the role of life that engulfs all life as a bit of survival for life… Silence in perception. But it resonated in the cold course of action.

..The essence of the short story “Soul Catcher”, the award-winning short story “Bannathorn”, this time from “Roman Kamonnawin”…representing the apparent darkness in a changing era. Drowning events that have happened. suffering from the wide world It is a crisis that happens to human beings physically and mentally.. which all leads the spiritual structure of being on this earth of living beings to be dark and unclear.. .as a representation of the image by a Collection of 48 short stories “Bannathorn” .. is a touch of the traumatic heart of people of this age. where the dignity of life was crushed .. even the spiritual self was repeatedly persecuted and abandoned.

“This incident.. makes me question the faith of man.” The heartbreaking question, the deep question of the short story. “Inthon”…remains in my mind when I read all 48 short stories. This story ends again/it’s all over, including 48 additional poems that I’ve already mentioned in part..besides plants..

The power of every insight in a composition All conveyed through the pure will of each writer. …is the infinite meaning of the “hidden world” that has been formed To step forward into the future with hope..!

Out of 904 short stories and 763 poems..a total of 1667 stories…all the flesh and blood at the core of the picture appears on the stage of life’s drama. which aims to represent… a struggle for survival.. is the sum of the soul of the soul at a moment that the world must remember and record…!

“Counting the days… My “ears” are enlarged like a speaker / the third and fourth “eyes” / sprout on my forehead / Give your sight. including staring/”mouth” wider than wide/moving all the time/forwarding the words that hit the ears/keep bursting out laughing…./with fun/”

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