Swante Pebo Wins Nobel Prize in Medicine 2022 for discovering key principles of human evolution.

Swedish scientist Swante Pebo wins the 2022 Nobel Prize in Medicine for discovering the key principles of human evolution.

The Nobel Prize Committee announced the results of the first Nobel Prize 2022 on October 3, 2022, which began with the Nobel Prize in Medicine. The prize was awarded to Svante Pääbo, a Swedish scientist who made important discoveries in human evolution.

Pebo Study It breaks the framework of the study of what humans did not think possible. That’s the sequence of the Neanderthal genome. which is an extinct species and close to humans in the present age

He also discovered ‘Denisovans’, hominids, or even more extinct human ancestors. (extinct) to Homo sapiens Following the exodus from Africa around 70,000 years ago, the transfer of ancient genes to modern humans has physiological implications today, such as affecting the way our immune system responds to infection.

Pebo’s research raises awareness of the importance of Paleogenomics It is a new branch of science that studies the reconstruction and analysis of genomic data in extinct species. by revealing the genetic differences that distinguish modern humans from hominids. His findings gave us a fundamental understanding of how What makes us human beings different from other living beings?

including the discovery The basis for studying what makes modern humans unique.

Pebo, now 67, will receive SEK 10 million (about $34.25 million) in prize money at an awards ceremony to be held in Stockholm, Sweden on December 10.

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