‘Swasika Hot’: Swasika will not be the same as she has been for so long

Kochi: Swasika is an actress who has earned her place in the world of Malayalam cinema in a short period of time. The star who shines equally in film and small screen is the favorite heroine of the youth. Now, the words spoken by the actor in an interview regarding the promotion of his new film ‘Chaturam’ are getting attention. Swasika said about the news you can get from the internet if you type ‘Swasika Hot’.

The actress says that she does not feel afraid when she sees such videos and news coming in her name. Swasika says the saree will be changed in the first video, but there will be much more. Swasika’s response came with the release of the film ‘Chaturam’ which has many intimate scenes.

The words of Swasika are as follows;

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‘I wasn’t afraid when I saw the news that I was seeing the hot scenes of Swasika. We already know that this is how it will come. For so long, when Swasika was playing hot, the saree was changed here and there. Not so now. It’s not like he’s stuck this long.

I find many things uncomfortable but forget all that and act in the movie Chaturam. Both artists were comfortable doing intimate scenes including liplock. First, after saying it and showing it three or four times, one goes to the take.

But some need two or three retakes. Some scenes have dialogue. It will be wrong. Retakes have come every so often. The director planned this scene just like a fight, a song or any other scene. Such a scene is not made in the mind set that people think.

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Not only the actress and the actors but also the technicians who stand there. Everyone will be at work. No one would have watched it because it was an intimate scene. An intimate scene, a short dress and sleeves are uncomfortable for me. But I forgot all that in this movie. That’s because the character is like that.

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