Swastikas in the school toilet: new allegations against Aiwanger

Other former classmates of Bavaria’s Deputy Prime Minister Aiwanger have made allegations against him. We are talking about swastikas on the school toilet and enthusiasm for Adolf Hitler.

Other former classmates have leveled allegations against Bavaria’s deputy prime minister Hubert Aiwanger (free voters): “From time to time, when the class was already in and he came in, he just gave a Hitler salute. Anti-Jewish jokes about Auschwitz and so on, they’re definitely there Liked, one hundred percent!” Mario Bauer says to the ARD magazine “Contrasts” about the head of the Free Voters.

Aiwanger was heavily criticized almost two weeks ago after a report in the “Süddeutsche Zeitung”. The “SZ” had reported that the 52-year-old is said to have written an anti-Semitic pamphlet during his school days at the Burkhart Gymnasium in Lower Bavaria’s Mallersdorf-Pfaffenberg. Further reports followed which suggested that the young Aiwanger was close to right-wing extremism.

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“An Enthusiasm for Hitler”

The politician firmly denies having written the leaflet. His brother Helmut Aiwanger assumed responsibility shortly after the allegations became known. At the same time, Aiwanger admitted that “one or a few copies” had been found in his school bag. According to Aiwanger, he can no longer remember why they were there. He sees himself as a victim of a smear campaign.

In addition to Bauer, other former classmates also have their say in the current “Contrasts” show. Doris Thanner said: “A very staunchly conservative attitude that was clearly combined with an enthusiasm for Hitler and for content that was clearly National Socialist at the time. Someone who clearly sympathizes with brown ideas.”

Swastika scrawl on the toilet

Stephan Winnerl also remembers an incident: “That was one thing, I was involved as a student representative, it was about a swastika scrawled on the toilet. There were maybe eight or ten swastikas distributed over a wall, relatively large. “

Suspicion quickly fell on Aiwanger because he already had a relevant reputation, reports “Contrasts”. “The director then reported back to me that it was actually Hubert Aiwanger and that he was happy that it could be cleared up quickly and that Hubert had to eliminate it.”

The affair surrounding the leaflet has kept Bavarian state politics busy for the past two weeks. Prime Minister Markus Söder had summoned his deputy after the allegations became known and had 25 questions answered. Aiwanger answered most questions inaccurately or indicated he could not remember. Söder then announced last Sunday that he wanted to hold on to Aiwanger. A motion to dismiss the opposition parties SPD and Greens failed on Thursday.


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