SWAT team kills two gunmen in Phrae love triangle case

Phrae Police Commissioner Send a SWAT team to close the shooter in the “Love Triangle” case, kill 2 bodies, escape and hide in the woods. Shooting at the police, finally being “wonderful” turned off

November 28, 2022 – at 3:00 pm on November 27, the past In Huai Mae Khaming Forest Area, Moo 2, Soi Sub-district, Chin Wang District, Phrae Province, the officers managed to arrest the gunman who shot 2 bodies in Huai Forest Khaming, Chief of Police, Phrae Province is informed by Pol. Lt. Col. Kansit Khongthor, Police Station, Nong Muang Khai Police Station. Deputy Police Station, Soy Police Station, Wang Chin District, Phrae Province, that the investigating officer heard the news that Mr Pho Boonmalert, aged 42, was charged under an arrest warrant for the murder of two spouses, Mr Kanya (Jum) Udkantha, age., 42 years old, a close friend of Mr Poe and Mrs Praewphan (Dum) Panfong, 27, who is also Mr Poe’s wife. The incident occurred at 6:45 pm on October 19, 2022 at house number 83, Ban Mae Khaming, Village No. 2, Soi Subdistrict, Wang Chin District, Phrae Province, Soy Police Station, Wang Chin District, Phrae Province, after the incident with Mr Po. Based on his expertise, he fled to Huai Mae Khaming forest.

The officers have investigated until they know that Mr Dal is in the area and is coming into the village to bring supplies back to the forest Therefore, a SWAT team, Phrae Province, was sent to the area to trace the shooter continuously. by researching news from the area Until being told the moment Mr came out to find supplies By leaving the forest into the village and taking food supplies back to the forest. Didn’t run away yet So the officers were attacked for a few days.

Until Mr Po came out of the forest and entered the village. In order to bring supplies to stock up on living in the forest, Mr Po was found to be carrying a gun and walked back into the forest. The officer then shouted at Mr Po to surrender himself, but Mr Po did not surrender himself and replied, “Let us fight to the death,” so he fired one shot at the officer who was ambushing the officer, so the officer fired at back. until the sound of the gunfire subsided There was no fire in response, so the officers cleared the area and found that Mr Po had run into the creek and lay dead next to the Mae Khaming creek. which is a dense forest Next to the body he found a long gun weapon attached to the shoulder strap. and cords of shotgun ammunition that had been prepared, without firing another 5 shots, wearing military camouflage pants, a black T-shirt, about 3 shots in the torso

Then get the list. The Maj Gen was recognized and coordinated. Nuttawut Pakphum, Chief of Police, Phrae Province, with Phrae Probation Prosecutor from Phrae Province and doctors from Wang Chin Hospital together with the rescue team of the SAO Sub-Region Administrative Organization to examine the scene Initially, the officers were pleased that they were able to deal with this accused. Because Mr. Poe announced a vendetta to the villagers that he would shoot anyone who helped. and let the officers go in and burn their own fields

On the side of investigating officers at the Sruay Police Station, they took pictures and recorded the scene of the accident, receiving an autopsy, Cor. 11/2565, criminal case No. 99/2565, accusing Mr Po of “trying to kill and fight against the officer. And carrying firearms “and criminal case No. 100/2565, serious crime No. 3/2565 accused Dr. Terdsak “Killing others – on the pretext of doing their duty. which is a defense and a danger that is close to the body” ( amazing).

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