SWATCH takes you soaring into the universe. With unlimited inspiration with “Space Collection”

“The sky’s not the limit; dreams are” nothing stops people from pursuing their dreams or accomplishing anything. is like the sky that never ends Plus the SWATCH concept of “Time is what you make of it”. Inspired by the latest collection, the Swatch Space Collection.

A collection that will take you to the universe and the stars. It’s a celebration of NASA and the next step for SWATCH with its captivating material innovation, BIOCERAMIC, a breakthrough watch made from 2/3 parts ceramic and 1/3 part bioplastic, with a silky feel like cloth. silk and gives a light feeling Comfortable to wear by 3 of the 5 watches in this collection. It features natural synthetic components and a design inspired by the spacesuits worn by NASA astronauts.

Come at the first 3 watches with a popular model like BIG BOLD, whose case is made from innovative BIOCERAMIC materials with a 47 mm dial that is designed to be curved to fit the wrist of the wearer of all sizes, plus inspiration. Of each model, I can tell that I can’t have it anymore!

Let’s start with the eye-catching white first house with BIG BOLD CHRONO EXTRAVEHICULAR. A watch inspired by the white spacesuit worn for missions outside the spacecraft. A familiar icon, this white space suit was first worn in 1983 by NASA astronauts, Story Musgrave and Donald Peterson. The white of the suit makes it highly visible in space. help reflect light and does not absorb too much heat from the sun which protects them from the rays of the sun itself. Special design with red highlights. for the last 10 seconds countdown luminous bezel And it is the only model in the Space Collection that has a date window. at the 4 o’clock position

Next up is the second watch with BIG BOLD CHRONO LAUNCH, an edgy orange inspired by The Orange Advanced Crew Escape Suit, worn during launch. And also the origin of the model name “Launch” as well, outstanding with a silver dial that is bright and easy to tell the time. Add a touch of flair with red highlights for the last 10 seconds countdown and a glowing bezel just like the model. EXTRAVEHICULAR Enjoy the Start-Stop timer button function and the blue and white loop.

The last watch from the BIG BOLD model, BIG BOLD JUMPSUIT, a galactic blue watch that reflects the blue NASA astronauts’ jumpsuit, comes with a mechanical display dial design with a glowing Swatch logo and a mirror effect mirror effect reflecting that. Together with the blue and all white loops, they look great together.

In addition, the Swatch Space Collection also has 2 more watches that appeal to the minimalist line. Come to the first watch with a 41 mm dial watch, a classic design that pairs white-black. Add a mirror effect mirror effect, silver reflecting, representing NASA in the early days as a former space competitor in the Cold War era with the Soviet Union is the source of the model name SPACE RACE, which this competition brings to success and advancement Many aspects of NASA space exploration from the pioneer era to the present. And the last watch designed to be inspired by the lunar voyage that NASA sent Apollo 11 Paneel Armstrong to the moon successfully as the first person on the moon. This is where the model name TAKE ME TO THE MOON came from. The case and band represent the luster of the moon surface in silver. The 34 mm dial shows the red and blue quartz movement, which is NASA’s corporate color, and is also the color of American flag as well

And for kids who want to travel the world with their astronauts, the 3-2-1 LIFT OFF children’s watch from Flik Flak takes them on a journey through space. Appease a little explorer who dreams of becoming an astronaut. This watch is made entirely of eco-friendly materials. Comes with a special design printed with the NASA logo on a white band with red and blue stripes. Match the blue hour hand and red minute hand. Just seeing this watch, children I would like to go to space already.

The special doesn’t end here, there’s also a limited number of Swatch Space Collection Exclusive Set, which is only 800 sets worldwide! Includes 6 Space Collection watches (5 Swatches and 1 Flik Flak) housed in a specially designed space capsule-shaped aluminum case. It can be said that anyone who is a NASA disciple must hurry to own this special set for 33,000 baht.

Space Collection, a new dimension from SWATCH, is ready to take you into high orbit today at the SWATCH Store and the Official Online Store “”. Are you ready to go on an adventure with us?



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