Swatek sent 22nd duck egg of the season to win 10 games in a row and five in a row over Gauff – Sports – Zhonggong Net

Original title: Swatek sent 22nd duck egg of the season to make it 10 games in a row and five wins in a row against Gauff

TCC News: On November 6, Beijing time, the 2022 WTA year-end finals entered the sixth match day. The women’s singles “Austin Group” completed the third round of the group stage. Swatek won 10 games in a row, and finally swept 6-3/6-0, beat Gauff 5 games in a row without letting his opponent get a set, and beat the top 10 players in 15 games in a row; 22 eggs have been given to opponents; 47 of them have been won on the hard court circuit, and the WTA leaderboard (29 wins for Pegula in second place) is well ahead.

Gauff’s six-match losing streak in singles and doubles ended his first trip to the finals; in his singles career, he lost four straight against the Top 10, seven against the Top 5, six against the Top 3, and a record total of 1 win and 7 against the top three in the world. Although this time in the “Austin Group”, he was completely defeated and could not even win a set, but he still got 125 points.

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