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Sweden’s first female prime minister in 100 years resigns 7 hours after election

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Budget Rejection – Coalition Partners Leaving
Reception with the king – resigns without inauguration ceremony
“I hope to be re-elected through the sole power next year”

Magdalena Andersson, 54, who was elected the first female prime minister in Swedish history, resigned after seven and a half hours. This is because the budget for next year, which he led, was rejected by the National Assembly, and the Green Party, which was a partner of the coalition government, also declared its departure from the coalition. The Guardian reported that “Sweden was plunged into political uncertainty”.

According to the BBC and other foreign media on the 24th, Prime Minister Andersson resigned to reporters saying, “I do not want to lead a government whose legitimacy is questionable.” He added, “I also expressed my intention to resign to the chairman of the Parliament.” Elected prime minister in a parliamentary vote just hours earlier, he stepped down before the inauguration took place. He was scheduled to begin his duties as Prime Minister on the 26th after visiting and greeting King Carl XVI of Sweden.

Andersson’s resignation was due to the rejection of a budget proposal submitted to Parliament by the ruling Social Democratic Party, to which he belongs. When the Green Party found out that the far-right party’s demand for anti-immigrant policy was reflected in the ruling party’s budget, the Green Party expressed its opposition and cast a vote in favor of the opposition’s budget. Green Party leader Per Volund said, “We cannot tolerate a budget created with the far right.”

Sweden’s government budget bill is passed by a ‘majority’ vote in Parliament, not a majority. On that day, the ruling party’s budget bill received 143 votes and the opposition budget bill with 154 votes, and the opposition’s bill was passed, and the coalition collapsed. “There is a constitutional convention that the prime minister must resign if a coalition partner leaves,” Andersson said. The chairman of the parliament said, “We will announce the results after discussing ways to rectify the situation with the leaders of eight political parties.” Prime Minister Andersson announced his intention to come back to power in the general election to be held in September next year. He reportedly told the chairman immediately after his resignation, “I hope to be nominated again as the prime minister as head of a government in which the Social Democrats are in power.” The Green Party also said, “Although we oppose this budget proposal, we will support Andersson again in the election for the next prime minister.” Swedish media The Local reported: “The parliament is set to resume the process of electing the prime minister, and a vote may be held on November 29 as early as possible. In this case, it is highly likely that Anderson will be re-elected.”

On the 24th, Andersson was elected as the first female prime minister in Sweden in 100 years after women’s suffrage was guaranteed, but her political base was unstable. Sweden’s parliament has 349 seats, with 117 votes in favor and 174 against Andersson’s election as prime minister. 57 abstained and 1 did not vote. Although there were more negative votes, he was elected according to Swedish law ‘if a majority (175 seats) does not reach a negative vote, then the Prime Minister is elected’.

Reporter Lee Eun-taek [email protected]

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