Swimming, satisfied with the work of elderly athletes, prepares to go to the Samurai World Championship – fresh news

Swimming, delighted with the work of Thai elderly athletes Smashing many records, “Thailand Open Master Games”, prepares for “WORLD MASTERS GAMES” in Japan

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Swimming by Gen. Charoen Nopsuwan, secretary-general of the Swimming Sports Association of Thailand, said that “the 2nd “Thailand Open Master Games” competition in Songkhla province, which has just ended Swimming Association of Thailand Was assigned by the Thai Elderly Sports Association with Lt. Gen. Charuk Aree Rachakan is the president of the association to take care of organizing swimming competitions By Gen. Prawit Wongsuwan, president of the Swimming Sports Association, has given Dr. Taweechoke Phongdee, president of the Master Swimming Sports Department. is responsible for the operation.”

“There are elderly swimmers from all over the country. 160 people signed up to participate in the competition, aged 25 years and over, while the oldest was 93 years old. Considered to be strong, winning up to 3 gold medals, the competition has also broken many records. In which elderly athletes from Prachaniwet Sports Center have achieved 15 titles, as well as swimmers from the Polo Club who have broken 7 records, including 4 of the Royal Thai Air Force, and 1 of Best Club’s athletes.”

For the statistics of senior athletes this time. will be considered for sending athletes to participate in the WORLD MASTERS GAMES competition in Kansai Japan During the month of May this year

Gen. Charoen added, “The sport of the elderly in this decade has developed both in form and in popularity. In addition to playing sports to strengthen the elderly more It is also a competition for excellence. in which the current elderly sport has been in the sporting structure of the country already Therefore, the elderly in Thai society Turn to exercise more seriously according to the type of sport that they like more.”

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