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Switch OLED durability test, the result of the screen glass hardness is like film

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Recently, Nintendo officially released the Switch OLED version. As soon as the real device is obtained, overseas gods will test it on the real device, and the durability of the screen has attracted much criticism from many users. Youtube Channel “JerryRigEverything” said after testing that although this display is made of glass, it is as fragile as glue (Mohs hardness is only 3, and ordinary mobile phone glass is 6-7), and it can be easily damaged with a blade. The entire screen is not scratched; there are even many radical users scolded: Switch OLED is simply e-waste.

In addition, the resolution of the Switch OLED version has also been criticized by users, and some people call it a reverse upgrade. Although equipped with a larger screen and upgraded OLED display, theoretically speaking, it should bring more brilliant colors and improve the display effect, but it is still only 720P, PPI is even lower, and users laughed as a “blind screen.” .

As for the upgrade, the Switch OLED version has upgraded 64GB storage, supports SD card expansion, the base adds a wired LAN interface, has a new adjustable angle bracket and a new speaker, but the overall change is not big, and there is no special mention. Yes place.

Another news broke that Nintendo will launch Switch Pro at the end of this year or next year, equipped with 5nm or 7nm-based NVIDIA processors, with A78 CPU + Ampere GPU, in terms of performance output compared to the previous generation has a great upgrade, the picture is clearer Smooth, you can put more expectations on the next generation.

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