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Original title: Switzerland still hard to accept Federer’s retirement

Xinhua News Agency, Geneva, September 18.

Xinhua News Agency Reporter Shan Lei

From Federer’s announcement on the 15th that he was about to retire, the popularity of the news in Switzerland waned slightly on the 18th. Almost all of the local Swiss news sites and social platforms express their regret to Federer.

How much influence does Federer have on the Swiss? A word that often appears in the Swiss mainstream media is enough to describe him – hero.

For international sports, losing Federer means losing a tennis star. But Djokovic and Nadal are still in the world of men’s tennis; the international sports world is still paying attention to football stars from all walks of life, and the football World Cup is approaching… For the international sports world, Federer is not everything.

But for Swiss citizens, Federer’s retirement almost wiped out “half the sky” of Swiss sport.

For many years, Switzerland has been involved in three main sports – football, skiing and ice hockey. Tennis has never been Switzerland’s favorite sport. Even if there was a world star in women’s tennis like Hingis, tennis was not very important in Switzerland before Federer.

Until Federer was born, all of Switzerland recognized that Federer was Switzerland’s calling card to face the world. The Swiss foreign ministry also acknowledged when presenting national sports that although football, skiing and ice hockey are the top three sports, tennis is Switzerland’s best known sport internationally. Federer has a higher tennis status on his own in Switzerland at the top, turning a relatively niche sport into a sought-after favourite.

In the minds of many Swiss, Federer is the greatest tennis player the world has ever seen and the greatest of all Swiss sports. What Swiss fans say the most on social networking sites is “thank you”, and the Swiss media also express their heart with the words “thank you for everything you have done for us, champion” .

Federer’s presence was a surprise for the Swiss, but his departure was a disappointment. After Federer, who can inherit his mantle in the world of Swiss sport and have such a big influence in the world of international sport? So far, not yet.

Although even the greatest athletes will retire one day, the Swiss are still finding it difficult to accept the passing of 41-year-old Federer. They can only express their remorse in the language of gratitude.

The Swiss information website said: “Federer is not eternal, but he changed tennis forever. “For Switzerland, Federer changed not only tennis, but also the Swiss perception of sports.

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