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Symantec Releases Public Beta of Norton Internet Security 2012 | Business + IT

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Norton 2012 Beta “aimed to raise the bar for both protection and performance,” said Jens Megas, vice president of product engineering at Norton, saying it improved security without sacrificing performance.

Equipped with Insight 3.0, the latest version of Norton’s proprietary reputation-based security technology. Leverage millions of anonymous software adoption patterns from Symantec users, voluntarily collaborated, to automatically detect and thwart new malicious software.

Also this year, Download Insights, which checks the safety of all files before execution, has been updated to provide information on any potential system instability when installing downloaded applications on your computer. Can now be notified to users.

In this beta version, “SONAR”, which constantly checks the behavior of applications, has been upgraded to enable faster detection and disabling of applications with suspicious behavior.

In terms of performance, the 2012 beta was developed to maintain or improve Norton’s industry-leading standards for installation time, scan time, and memory usage.

In addition, Norton Internet Security Beta has integrated an improved “Norton Password Manager”. With this feature, the updated login form detection technology allows you to use your password and login information saved in the cloud from any computer with Norton 2012 installed. Both 2012 beta products now also offer bandwidth limiting capabilities.

In the 2012 beta version, the user interface has also been revamped.


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