Symptoms of Omicron mutants, so far “quite mild” -South African expert-Bloomberg

So far, the symptoms of people infected with the new variant of the new coronavirus, the Omicron strain, have been “quite mild,” said an expert advising the South African government.

Barry Schueb, chairman of the South African government’s vaccine advisory board, told Skynews yesterday that the number of hospitalized patients in South Africa has not increased significantly. The Omicron strain was recently identified by South African researchers.

“If you look at the cases of infection so far, all the symptoms are mild or mild to moderate, which is a good sign,” said Schube. However, he added that it is still in the early stages and nothing can be said for sure.

Only about one-third of the adult population is vaccinated in South Africa.

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Omicron ‘Pretty Mild’ So Far, South African Health Expert Says(抜粋)



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