Title CLUB FRIDAY THE SERIES – Love Seasons Celebration Episode BROKEN ANNIVERSARY

production director : Saithip Montrikul Na Ayudhya , Worarit Waijeanai
streak : Drama based on a true story
directing : Chainarong Taempong
manufacture : CHANGE2561
broadcast channel : Television Station Channel ONE31
lead actor : Eh – Isariya , Nook – Suthida , Smart – Kritsada , Nike – Nithidol , Ple – Paradee , Lily – Nichaphalak , Nonnee – Natcha , Charlie – Chalida, Meiko-Chonnikan
broadcast date: Every Friday at 9:15 p.m. on Channel 31
broadcast duration : First episode Friday 3rd June

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“Anniversary is another day of expectation. that everyone has been waiting for because they want to know The other party will still remember the beginning of the relationship at that point and the meaning of remembering. It is more valuable because it is love and care. but for some In addition to not remembering, not paying attention, but also using that day to hurt the heart many times more.”

Wandee (Eh Isriya) is a mother with stepdaughter who has been disappointed in her family life. Decided to divorce her ex-husband and intends to make a living by raising Rose (Nonnie Natcha), a teenage daughter like a single mother. Good day, it is necessary to send Rose to live with Grandma and Grandpa in the provinces. So that he can devote himself to working and earning money easily until he meets Charon (Nike Nithidol), a new man, and decides to start a family life again.

Good day, meet P Aoi and P Chod. In the program, Pee Aoi, Pee Chod face to face with the intention of giving the story own life It’s a lesson for everyone who has seen it. Wandee came as a troubled mother and brought Tong (Lily Nichaphalak), who was her brother’s granddaughter. As a problem child Tong lives in a family with a father, Wut (Smart Krisada), who is Wandee’s older brother who has 3 wives living together. In the same house, Tong is the only daughter of Duantem (Nook-Suthida), a mother who is the royal wife. Tong said that her mother and father had been married for 20 years, with her father being a womanizer for the past 5 years of marriage. Father then brought a woman into Tong’s house when he remembered. and found another woman in the house without understanding why the mother had to agree and after women gradually Gradually follow each other to live in the same house. Gift (Meiko Channikan), the second woman. Much younger than Tong’s mother. Being a young woman in today’s world who has a bad status, wants someone to take care of. in order to live a comfortable life without caring that Who will become a family problem?

Nutta (Ple Paradee), another woman, is a teacher and the mother of Tong’s friend, Natty (Charlie Chalida), although at first no one knew that. When did you get close to this woman? because they will meet only to pick up Tong to go home some day, but suddenly one day, father comes to tell mother that will bring Nuta into the house For the first time, my mother refused. because they are both teachers of their children and the mother of a friend of a child Father and mother had a serious conflict. But in the end, the mother had to give in to the father as usual. In the corner of Tong, who was the son, Tong did not understand why the father was so diligent in hurting the mother’s heart. And I don’t understand why my mother had to be patient with my father in everything.

As for the problem of the mother like Wandee While living in a new family with Charon, with Rose, a teenage daughter who is moving back. because they had to come to study in Bangkok On the anniversary of Wandee and Charon’s life together, Rose confessed to Wandee that secretly has a relationship with Jaron own stepfather No regret will be as harsh on a woman’s heart as WanDee. equal to the truth appearing in front of me

Good Day and Tong Each has problems that need to be solved. one person with a child but the other with his own mother
In right and wrong, I believe that everyone knows how to fix it. but in the matter of love and heart the complexity of the relationship So it’s hard to finish without anyone getting hurt.


Eh – Isriya Saisanan : Good day
Good day, single mother, beautiful, good job, love and dedicate everything for her child. Have you ever made a mistake in your family life? until divorced But he tried to stand up and fight, deep down, he wanted someone to help take care of him. So decided to have a new love and hope to have a good family life

Nonnie – Natcha Jeka: Rose
Rose, a teenage daughter, beautiful, sour, confident in herself. Modern teenagers want to know, want to try, have a way of thinking that is not attached to anything. even the correctness

Nike – Nithidol Pomsuwan : Charon
Handsome, evil, selfish, looking at the world like men do. Anything is wrong, smart to say. make wrong become right

Smart – Krisada Pornverot : Wut
Wut, male, 45-50 years old, handsome, flirtatious, very dazzling, has the belief that he is in control. and manage everything and it can actually be done because up to 3 wives can live in the same house

Nook – Suthida Kasemsan Na Ayutthaya : Full month
Royal wife number 1, beautiful, patient, love who truly loves still have faith ancient woman that he had to keep his family for the sake of his children But I keep fighting until I’m sick, but I still want to die in the arms of my loved ones.

Lily – Nichaphalak Thongkam : Tong
A good-looking girl with the personality of a new generation, confident but not aggressive.

Ple – Paradee Yuphasuk : Nutta
Mistress No. 1, a woman who works as a teacher, has a husband and children, but is having serious problems in the family, so she seeks refuge until she becomes a mistress She gave up on her husband, left her children, and became the third wife in another family.

Charlie – Charlieda Gilbert: Natty
Nutta’s daughter and a friend of Tong, both of whom are in the same school.

Meko – Channikan Netjui : Gift
Gift Mistress number 2, a young woman who loves comfort, wants money, wants to have someone to take care of, so she agrees to be a mistress.

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