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Synopsis for “Red Moon”

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Synopsis for “Red Moon”

opus : Chuwong Chayachinda
television script: Sirilak Srisukon, Sakun Vejjajiva, Danupon Chaimuanwong
TV script control : Sirilak Srisukon
Organizer-Director : Mai-Pawat Panangkasiri
manufacture : Phawat Film 45
production director : Takonkiat Virawan, Sirilak Srisukon
drama : Romance, Fantasy
broadcast date : Every Monday – Tuesday at 8:20 p.m. on Channel 31
broadcast duration : First episode Monday, November 1, 2021

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The story of Parichat (Richie-Oranes Decabales), a young teacher who has just been recruited as a teacher in the village of Huai Dok Daeng during her journey to the village. A strange event happened when the yellow moon suddenly turned boiling red. along with a group of rangers escaping death from the predators of a huge tiger. Parichat was so frightened that he passed out in the middle of the forest. until he felt it again, he entered the mysterious mansion of Morsama (Tono-Pakin Wilaisak) is a young doctor with a serious personality. that opened the mansion as a clinic to treat villagers She does not know that his true identity is “Phaya Tiger” who is responsible for protecting the forest and the life of the wild animals from insatiable human hands. The secret is hidden at this Huai Dok Daeng village.

When fate dictates that both of them must fall in love with each other. his and her true love will be above everything
or not?


Phakin Khamvilaisak : Doctor Sama
Oranes Decabales : Parichart
Juthawut Pattarakamphol: Nontha
Pornsuang Rueruen : Kalong
Akkarat Nimitchai : Holy
Kanticha Chumma : Dr. Achara
Rudklao Amradis : Aunt Eueng
Thanongsak Supakarn : Lao Wu
Praptpadol Suwanbang: Pranboon
Supot Chancharoen : Teacher Maung
Pratana Satchukon : Kaikham
John Bravo : Chanchai
Wayne Falconer : Kamnan Kiat
Kittipong Pluempreedaporn : Tickets have arrived.
Atchariya Phothiphipitthanakorn : Teacher Som
Wichai Jongprasitporn : Ah Moo
Pitchaya Tippala : Maprang
Thithat Janyasirikul : Beef shoots
Phusanu Wongsawanitchakorn : Lee
Ratchawit Chanrunganan : Sa
Nattaset Putraserani : Little

guest performer
Anatphon Sirichumsaeng : Jung La Ja Taw
Punnisa Sirisang : Teacher Fon
Aniphan Chalermburanawong : Kaning
Moleewan Phantharak : Teacher Bless

drama tales– Red Moon used to be both movies and TV series up to 3 times.
The first time was a 16 mm color film in 1970 directed by Kru Neramit Phra-Nang, namely Mit Chaibancha, Aranya Namwong.
The 2nd time by Kantana Remake is a drama on Channel 3 in 1986 starring Nopphon Komarachun, Mayura Thanabutr, Jariya Soranakom and Suchao Pongwilai.
The 3rd time in 2002 was organized by Epic Company of Nopporn and Salinee Watin. Written by Courtesy Thainiwatwilai Directed by Sanu Sangsongthong, starring Chatchai Plengpanich, Noppawan Srinikorn, Napassakorn Mit-em, Supawadee Akanit, Sarinya Baros, Jeffy Benjakul, Naruemon Thongmon. , Na Hathai Phichitra, Thongkhao Phatarachokchai, Ratree Wittawat, Lak Apichart, Santi Santivejkul, Niwet Kanthairat, Thiti Poom-on, Apichat Chusakul
The 4th edition of 2021 Directed by Mai Phawat Panangkasiri of Phawat Film 45, starring Phakin Khamvilaisak, Oranes Decabales


Parichat had to experience wisdom in life when his father passed away. They also filed for bankruptcy and their houses were foreclosed on. The fiancé then broke off the engagement. So decided to go to be a teacher at Ban Nong Hong according to the book that I contacted. She arrived at Nong Hong Village around midnight. Parichat got a fever and went up to Suksala’s house. but found a strange human body The head and arms are tigers. Parichat fled into the room, but a strange figure followed the door behind him. Just as the monster was about to attack Parichat, the moon moved past midnight. The monster turned and ran across the window. Parichat fainted in fear.
When Parichat woke up in the morning, he saw Dr. Sama. taking care of yourself Parichart told the story of his experience. But the doctor said that she was blind because of the fever. When Parichat was strong, Doctor Sama took him to the school residence. But then she faces the headmaster’s flirting problem. and the jealousy of the headmaster’s wives.
Parichart became intimate with the villagers and children until he realized that The strange creature she encountered was “Spunk”, a vicious tiger spirit that invaded humans. And will go out to hunt for prey every night, day and night. The person who was possessed by the evil spirit was a shaman. And the person who awakens the evil spirits is Yuso, a shaman who has vendetta against Doctor Sama’s father since the past. causing himself to lose faith from the villagers
On the night of the fifteenth day of the night, Yuso awakened the spirit to enter the doctor. As the doctor was about to turn into a ghost Parichart, who was there, tried to encourage the doctor to strengthen his mind against the power of evil spirits. In the end, Parichart sacrificed herself to become the wife of the doctor, causing the evil spirit to unsuccessfully enter the doctor and destroy the mystical. When an evil spirit unsuccessfully enters the shaman, it returns to Yuzo. make Yuzo become dawn When Yuzo will destroy Parichat, he is shot by a doctor with a cannonball that the doctor’s father hides, causing the evil spirit to disappear. Peace returned to Nong Hong Village again. Doctor Sama and Parichat were in a relationship later on.

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