Synopsis for the Korean series “Three Sisters | Little Women” [2022]

“From the lowest, the darkest, to the highest, and the brightest.”

Title: Little Girls
Korean name: 아씨들
Thai name: Three brothers
Series Genre: Drama, Mystery, and Family
Director: Kim Heewon (director of the Vincenzo series)
Screenwriter: Jung Seo Kyung (Screenwriter of the mother series)
Adaptation from classic literature: Little.
Girls or four girls
Author: Luisa May Alcott

Producer: Studio Dragon
Broadcast in Korea on the channel : tvN
Number of episodes broadcast: 12 episodes, approximately 76 minutes each.
Broadcast date and time: Every Saturday-Sunday at 21.10 (According to Korea)
Broadcast period: First episode 3 September – 9 October 2022
Thai subtitle broadcast copyright: Netflix every Saturday – Sunday at 22.00 (according to Thailand)

character introduction

Kim Go Eun as Oh In Joo
The eldest sister who wants to protect her family. with dedication to work to make money growing up in extreme poverty His only dream is to live a good life like a normal person. But a milestone has shaken and changed her life completely.

Nam Ji Hyun as Oh In Kyung
The sister has a middle career as a journalist who doesn’t care about Amis Sindap. Always be determined to do the right thing. When a mysterious case comes to hand from a senior reporter So he began to search for the truth. The type that bites won’t let go. The downside is that she is addicted to alcohol.

Park Ji Hoo as Oh In Hye
The youngest sister who is loved by both sisters. ready to work hard for her attending an art school with pure talent Without even using good school colors or supplies due to the family’s poverty. Dream of becoming a famous painter like your favorite artist. It became a weak point when attacking the family.

Wi Ha Joon as Choi Do Il
A very talented young mentor Graduated from a leading British university After working with Oh In Joo to trace the lost money. making him play an important role in her life. Amid the mystery and doubt of his presence

Uhm Ki Joon as Park Jae Sang
A former lawyer and a new politician who has to face the 3 sisters and she is the key figure who drives all the stories and problems. which connects to the three siblings

Uhm Ji Won as Won Sang Ah
General’s daughter, wife of new politician Park Jae Sang and director of the Art Museum. Must be related to 3 sisters because they use the youngest sister Oh In Hye to take a picture for her own daughter.

Synopsis for the Korean series “Three Sisters | Little Women”

The story of the three brothers and sisters who are deeply in love with each other. Even growing up in poverty the three girls were thrust into a new world of money and power. that they were not familiar with. and having to face and contend with the richest families in the country.

After Oh Subok’s father dies Oh’s three brothers, Oh In Joo (played by Kim Go Eun), Oh In Kyung (played by Nam Ji Hyun), and Oh In Hye (played by Park Ji Hoo) are also live with Ahn Hee Yeon (played by Park Ji Young ) who is the mother, even though the family is very poor. and he has a mother who is diligent to accumulate overwhelming debts But the three sisters are siblings who love and worry a lot.

One day, Oh In Joo (played by Kim Go Eun) asks Jin Hwa Young (played by Choo Ja Hyun), a senior and colleague to help. The story left her exhausted in completely , who works as a reporter for the OBN news agency. Wade to investigate the case which was left for up to four full years. To find out about Park Jae Sang (played by Uhm Ki Tae), a former lawyer from a rich family. who announced at this time to play politics He became a new star politician in the distant future with Chief Jo Wan Gyu (played by Jo Seung Yeon) who opened the green light to investigate. Because he knows the habit that Ingyung is a person who bites and doesn’t let go.

Meanwhile, Oh In Joo is shocked to find out that Jin Hwa Young, the elder she respects. and this is the only person in the office who belongs to her being hanged in the room And when she finds out about an unexpected secret about Jin Hwa Young’s identity, In Joo wonders if the chief financial officer Shin Hyun Min ( played by Oh Jung Se) may be the villain in a plot to cover up Jin Hwa Wyung’s murder, but then In Mae Joo is shocked again as Manager Shin suddenly crashes into a building and later dies.

While suspended from work because of Choi Mari (played by Gong Min Jung), a senior reporter revealed that he drinks alcohol on the way to work. and when searching the table, he found a drawer full of drinks. Oh In Kyung also goes to a party to celebrate the drawing competition victory of Park Hyo Rin (played by Park Chae Eun), a student sister who is a friend of Oh In Hye (played by Park Ji Hoo) and she is the beloved daughter of Park Jae Sang and Won Sang Ah (played by Eum Ji Won) because she remembers the winning picture this time. It is the handiwork of my sister’s illustration. On the other hand, Inju was carrying orchids and going to a psychiatric hospital. to ask for advice on solving some puzzles

Despite the chaos, Won Sang Ah hires Oh In Hye to paint his own pictures in the hidden garden. Yn Joo and Yn Kyung discuss the matter. How to deal with the huge money that Jin Hwayoung Senior left him? And everyone, including Choi Do Il (played by Wi Ha Joon), is tracking them.

Some time later, In Joo and In Kyung started new jobs. and they delve deeper into the unsettled mystery Won Sang Ah suddenly decides to leave. until it causes someone to become dissatisfied

After finding shocking evidence In Joo and In Hye discuss what to do next. In Kyung must suffer the consequences. As for criticizing Park Jae Sang through the media

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#Drama online, recommend it’s cool. :: The series was adapted from the classic literature, Four Darunee, adapting the characters to three sisters only, but it came out lightly. without reducing the substance the author wants to present

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