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Synopsis of “Proud Mook”

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Synopsis of “Proud Mook”

opus : Morning glory
Television episode : Punnapat
Directed : Saraswati Wongsompet
Drama : Romantic Comedy
manufacture : Love Drama Co., Ltd.
Organizer : Warayut Milintachinda
Broadcast time : Every Monday – Tuesday at 8:30 PM on Channel 3 press 33 and watch via Application 3 Live.
Broadcast period : First episode Monday May 10.

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“Whoever loves someone first is considered” lost “… but in the matter of love, no one can” win “who can”

Proud Mook Wongnuan Nang (Nalinthip Sakul Aungampai), a bright graduate from the Faculty of Decorative Arts. Ek interior Famous university Working part-time that you love, that is Be a DJ, turn on the pads and scratch the songs. Proudmook has been doing this job since studying in the 1st year until he is famous in the DJ industry and is in the highest demand. “DJ Mook” Qthong accepts a tight schedule every night, with Oak (Chakrapan Puttha), a gay friend. Job took care of the queue for Proudmook. Dance lovers full of pub spaces every night. Where DJ Mook opened the sheet to show the skill of the divine music, plus with the passionate dance style, build the mood, create the most fun for everyone

Dazzling hyper pearl never tiring. To study during the day and come to work at night Because you do what you love Not because of the need for money Because of her home status as the billionaire Zircon (Michael Markar), Proudmuk’s father. Is the owner of the jewelry company that is popular in the Thai market

But Prao Mook is about to learn the truth of life …. with unexpected things. Can always happen When Zircon, Prao Mook’s father, a blood vessel in her brain shattered due to stress that his partner was cheating. The business went bad and began to fail. Proudmuk’s family is in crisis, and there is a huge debt that Proudmuk has to bear.

Proudmook sells every possession he has to pay off debt. But she wanted to keep “Baan Wong Nuan Nang” because it is a house filled with love and the warm past of everyone, including Darika (Wannisa Makar Srivichien) who is the mother and Nam Phet (Ranj Narawee Euekulwarawat), the younger sister, Proudmook, promised Darika that she would do anything to save the house of Wongnuan Nang. And will take care of the future of diamond water the best While the diamond water does not accept the truth. Still sticking to their original position

News of the Wongnuan family, she learned about Hu Lim Pichat (Nithi Samutkong) and Sitphat (Mayurin). Phong Pudphan) friend of Zircon And is the owner of LS DESIGN, a large furniture business, both families are close and have been helping each other for a long time. Both Limpichat and Sitphat were unable to remain silent. Therefore set out to help redeem the house back to Proud Mook But Prao Mook refused because he didn’t want to be selfish. She decided to solve all the problems herself.

The more the dazzling pearl represents the fighter’s blood within you. The more makes Limpichat And Sitphat would like to have more praises to become her daughter-in-law Because in his childhood, Praomuk was married to the only son, Chalanthon (Na Wasat Phu Phantatchasi). Sickly To be healthy Have survived and been safe until growing up Plus, the bigger, the more stubborn Likes to act in a very serious manner Work in the company would not be willing to do. Good, but creates a headache for parents.
And what is worrisome is that the good son, Chalantorn, suddenly is in the dark. Causing only things to hurt myself Until I advise Chalandon Marriage fixes the same condition And if you get married with the same person, it will be very good Both Limpichat and Sitapat therefore thought that Praomuk and Chalanton would marry again. Because in addition to Helped pull the luck of Chalandorn Both men still thought that a woman like Prasad Mook would help. Bending habits can make Chalandon get better. Because Limpichat will assign Chalandon to inherit Business as it was intended, even though Lucknara (Benjawan Artner), the eldest daughter Who oversees the finance and Natdanai (Waritthipkomut), the son-in-law who came to help oversee the purchasing department Will help manage the company like How industrious But Limpichat could not be trusted to inherit the business. Laknara’s close friend named Ravin (Thanakrit Saengvanich), a designer who always loves and secretly helps Lak Nara.

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But marriage is not easy. To control Chalandon like when he was a child Because the pearl is dazzling “My ugly duckling” that Chalanthorn was bored and because of Proud Mook again that made his first love with Tri Nuch (Kanya Phakphongsak) had to end uncontrollably. Wrong with Proud Mook who never forgot his first love like “Chalandon”. Chalandon was both my first love. And painful memories Because Prao Mook was chalandon refused to love her Without any care just because you are the ugly duckling. Not as beautiful as Thi-Nuch who is a school star
But now Proudmook is no longer an ugly duckling and she won’t let Chalandon reject her. As in the past The more Chalandon disgusted that he did not want to marry her.

She will do whatever it takes to marry Chalandon. Proudmuk decides to accept Limpichat and Sitphat’s proposal to marry Chalandon once again for a year in exchange for the redemption of Baan Wongnuan Nang. Ying Chalandon knows about Parents’ Agreement with Proudmuk Chalanton also hated Proud Mook even more, so he created a story that he already has a lover, that is, Mrut (Khun Narong Prathatrat), a best friend, the CEO of a game company. The most popular and exciting in the industry
Despite how shocked Death is that his best friend suddenly becomes a lovemaker, but death has to give up to help his friend. And one more reason is death Interested in Proudmook’s body Mrut has a secretary called Sai Kuan named Phoom (Nichkhun Khajonborirak) who cares and pampers the people around. Diamond Water And keep from messing with Death
Proudmook did not believe the excuse of Chalandon and Death. Because he knew that Chalandon Trying to escape marriage Proudmook then accepted the relationship between the two of them. But confirmed that he would marry because he wanted to help the falling Chalandon Lim Pichat and Sitphat had to negotiate. Let Chalandon agree to marry Proudmook. With the exchange that If Chalandon agrees to marry Proudmook for 1 year, both parents will stop busy and stop working on Chalandon’s life. But if Chalantorn is less than 1 year old, both parents will give Chalandon’s wealth to Proudmuk instead.

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Chalandon finally married Proud Mook. According to the needs of parents As for Prao Mook, when Chalandon was able to marry him Intended to catch the lampshade for that Are Chalandon and Mrut really a girlfriend or something? Most importantly, Proud Mook must make Chalanton fall in love with him and throw it away. To take revenge on what Chalandon has done to her in the past.

Who will love this event first? Must give it a try More importantly, whoever loves before that person loses !! How will the story be? You can follow Proud Mook.

Actor personalities

Proud Mook Wongnuannang (Mook): Nalintip Sakul Aungampai #Yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy?
25 years old graduate from the Faculty of Decorative Arts Interior design Especially interested in furniture design Has a knack for DJ opening discs. And the famous plate scratch Because of the bright And avant-garde style, fun, optimistic, smart, learn, diligent, know how to spend money, strong, not allow people, patience, do not give up on anything easy, have a clear goal in life Be creative Be yourself Believe in yourself Crazy to the limit, honestly, what do you think? Say so, have a responsibility as the eldest to take on the debt and take care of her mother, take care of another sibling and another housewife in a bankruptcy home. Sacrificing, giving up Willing to be insulted in order to make mother and younger siblings feel comfortable What I am like is a smile, but crying inside the heart of a gangster, the weakness is impatient. Until sometimes they fail to do something Can be stupid But I know to apologize when I repent The former is an ugly duckling who got up. Come take care of yourself because of heartbroken. And the insult of Chalandon Never forget Chalandon who was my first love.

Chaluntorn Anantaphat (Lan): Na Wasphoo Phantatchasi #HappyMook
The youngest son of Limpichat, a wealthy furniture manufacturer and exporter. Hi-n billion, about 25 years old, graduated from overseas. But I don’t think to be serious about work because I keep enjoying life. Addicted to playboy Do not think seriously about any woman. Until it is rumored that it is gay But Chalandon did not care. The failure to take seriously with any woman is because deep that I have not forgotten the first unrequited love. And a broken heart is destroyed, there is no good piece Chalanton Pakjai believes that Proudmuk’s confession of love and his entourage have been the cause of her abandonment. Chalanton is a stylish man, well dressed, neat, tidy, fussy, small-minded, self-willed, smart and cunning. Was spoiled by a mother as a youngest child Made very close to her mother and be perverted I don’t really agree with my father. There is one married sister. With the fact that mom waited And I am not ready to be serious about work. Therefore was seen by his father that he was not very good at the story and was frequently insulted, causing Chalandon to suppress And I was scared deep so I didn’t do it even though I wanted to prove myself to my father. That I can

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Death: Khun Narong Pratharat #CEO’MARSWIZ
Chalanton’s best friend, about 25 years old, was a millionaire from a young age. Because at home in a poor position, we strive to create ourselves, think well, always see opportunities, smart, work smart, warm, calm, gentle, mature beyond age. Be a mentor and a good listener Like and impressed with the dazzling pearl.

Nam Phet: Ran Rawee Eua Koolwarawat #Internet
Prao Mook’s sister is almost 18 years old. Wayward in the first phase Rarely agree with Prao Mook, timid, irony, but good-hearted and good-hearted. Seeing her mother falling ill and Prao Mook sacrifice to marry Chalandon. Therefore changing my own thinking and behavior Turned to help with household chores and to adjust to the simplicity and simplicity And diligent to help her mother and sister to work Enthusiastic, bright, talkative, good social

Natdanai: Warit Thipkomut
Chalanton’s brother-in-law, about 30 years old, has a rhetoric to compromise. And mediate for everyone Take care of the purchasing department of LS company.

Laknara: Benjawan Artner
Chalanton’s sister, about 30 years old, takes care of the finance and accounting department, works well, is fluent, confident in herself. Speak honestly I do not like disadvantage.

Oak: Jakraphan Phutta # Dedicated Line Manager
Dear friend of Proud Mook Be the DJ’s manager for Proud Mook, intense talk, good mood, good mind, virtue, gratitude, but slow to realize that he has been deceived, 1 step is a fun partner, a fun pair, a difficult travel partner of Proudmook.

Landscape: Nichkhun Kajonborirak # Secretary Sai Guan
Secretary of Death takes care of the neat things in Death’s life. Be kind Like to care for and take care of the people around. Adopt the diamond water and waits for you not to interfere with Death.

Treynuch: Kanyaphak Phongsak
Chalanton’s first love, about 25 years old, beautiful, outstanding, classy, ​​loving, comfortable, ambitious but ambitious, jealous, wanting to be cunning, opposite Prao Mook. I don’t like tired I want easy money.

Ravin: Thanakrit Sangvanit
Close friend of Laknara LS company designer Rawin admires and falls in love with Laknara. But have to hide my feelings deeply Always worried and helping Laknara.

Limpichat: Nithi Samutkot # Former Ugly Duckling Team
Chalanton’s father, about 55-60 years old, a businessman who is capable and highly virtuous, smart, generous, loving friends, cunning, loving family, but not as bluntly and cursing first.

Satapat: Mayurin Pongpudphan # Former team of ugly ducklings
Chalanton’s mother, about 55-60 years old, is very good, gentle, loves the child a lot, loves her husband too, but she doesn’t love it. Because of arguing all along, but always intertwined with each other, but have been in a relationship for a long time

Darika: Wannisa Markar Sriwichien
Prawomuk’s mother, about 55-60 years old, strong to the end, calm, patient, and love her baby a lot, but always keeps her feelings. Until it becomes suppressed Always teach your children what is wholesome and right. Is Proudmuk’s mental anchor

Zircon: Michael Markar
Proudmuk’s father is about 55-60 years old, Limpichat’s best friend, Chalandon’s father, is calm, loving family, is a kind adult.


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