Synopsis “Revenge” (No one’s happy if I’m not)

Synopsis “Revenge” (No one’s happy if I’m not)

opus : Chalalai, adapted from “The Black Virgin”
television episode : Nattiya Sirakornwilai
direct : fuse-Kittisak Chiwasatchasakul
drama style : Romance, Drama, Psychology
manufacturing : Thong entertainment Co., Ltd.
organizer : Ann Thongprasom Ann Thongprasom
broadcast date : Every Wednesday-Thursday at 8:30 pm on Channel 3, watch TV press 33, watch mobile phone press 3 Plus.
broadcast period : First episode, Wednesday, June 7th.

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On the day she turned 18, “Fel Prae Phiphatphon” did not know that she had pure love for a man. It will cause her to suffer until she is almost unable to survive “anger” that cuts deep in the heart Will she ever be able to move on if she doesn’t get “revenge”!!

Going back 20 years ago, the “Piphatphon” family was a family that traded wood until they became rich. But when the law is stricter, “Ming Mitr” and “Mr. Manee”, Mue Prae Gan’s grandfather and grandmother turned to accumulate land, especially Pak Chong’s land, which is worth hundreds of millions. Everything should belong to “Pinmanee” (Woonsen Wiritthipa Phakdiprasong), Prae’s mother. girl .. but unexpected events happen

After Mr. Manee died Mingmitr launched “Prangthip”, a 30-year-old mistress, along with “Prangthong”, an 8-year-old stepdaughter, making “Pinmanee” angry until the house almost broke down. with the utmost disgust Pinmanee treats Prangthong like a child servant. and no one dared to defend his face because he was considerate Cause Prang Thong to keep this “anger” only

Two years later, Pinmanee became pregnant and gave birth to “Like Prae” (Machida Suthikunpanich) as soon as she opened her eyes to the world. It became the center of the family. Prangthip loved and respected as if he were a lifelong man, causing Prangthong to “hate” this child in his gut. Shortly after Prae was born, Mingmit died without sharing any treasures with Prangthip and Prangthong. Everything goes to Pinmanee and it’s all like Prae!!
But thanks to the goodness of Prangthip, he was able to stay. as the main housekeeper that is not different from one consumer And still has to work harder than before because Pinmanee has a second daughter, “Proud Mai” (Dr. Pawarisa Surathin). Pinmanee promises to send Prangthong to finish university. but he studied only in local government schools which is different from Prae who attended a luxurious kindergarten Prangthong grew up full of anger waiting for the day to explode. a few years later Prangthip another person, Prangthong (Aff Taksorn Phak Sukcharoen), died sad and adrift. Pinmanee called her to speak directly. that she wanted to stay or get out alive Prangthong smiled for Pinmanee and pretended to love him like Prae. and shining silk like a real grandson

Like Phrae, they both love and are addicted to “Aunt Prang”, causing Patana and Pinmanee to grow to love her more and more like sisters. until she passed the entrance exam to the number one university in the country She chose to study business administration with the intention of helping develop her grand real estate plans. At Prangthong University, he met “Onnop” (Put Puttichai Kasetsin), the hottest elder. Handsome and talented They are both fans. Prangthong, love and hope for Annanop After graduating from school, Prangthong started working in the Pattana company. He did a satisfactory job. And he began to bring Annop to be an assistant to Phatana. By saying they are “friends”, not lovers.

with a good looking personality and also a close friend of Prangthong This caused Pinmanee and Pattana to trust Annop very much. move quickly Responsible in the company and in the family. Especially taking care of “Like Prae” (Taew Nathaporn Temeerak), who is 12-13 years old, she has a very private, oppressive world, with only “Anop” allowing her everything. like a ray Changed from being stuck in “Aunt Prang” to being stuck in “Anop” instead, where Prangthong had no idea that the “Uncle-Lan” relationship would go too far until it became love . Annop looks after her as Prae. he is her everything warm like a father take care like a brother You can talk about anything like a friend. And it also makes her excited to be close to each other as “lover” on the day when she enters adolescence at the age of 16-17, her feelings about “Anop” change in gradually.

Their relationship grew. under the surveillance of “Pithan” (Mr. Napat Siangsomboon), Annap’s younger brother Pithan was only 5 years older than Prae, so he could easily read the feelings the girl had towards her older brother. Phithan is clever, calm, quiet and can control his emotions better than Annop. Phithan prevented him from being too close to his brother as Prae. making the two of them as rivals since childhood But no matter how Phithan hindered Annop began to tremble and overthink, as if Phrae was growing up into a young and beautiful and dignified girl beyond her years Prangthong consecrated her life to work. Because she has a goal set since her mother’s death, which is to seize everything from Pipatphon’s house.

After Prangthong started the game to eliminate Pattana and Pinmanee. retired from control At that time, Prangthong began to notice Ornnop’s change as Prae. And it was extremely painful to know that the two of them “love each other” Prangthong kept praising him. and plotting the most ingenious deception Prangthong blackmails the photos secretly taken by Pattana and Choi. Forced Pattana to make a will to raise everything as Prae Soon after, he hired a gunman to gather development with Pinmanee by setting the stage for Annop to be in the event. and ordered him to keep the gunman under the pretense of self-defense as a way of keeping calm. Annop suddenly became a companion. Prangthong saw that they both felt good about each other. She hated even more as Prae Jubjai, but she didn’t show because the final plan wasn’t finished yet. Prangthong Yu, as Prae, appoints Annop as the administrator of the inheritance with a lightness towards the world. and trusted Annop She did not know that she had given him permission to carry out all the transactions when signing the document. Annop had to suffer being at a disadvantage because he had been threatened to tell her as Phrae about his plot to kill her parents.

When Prang Thong got all the business he had hoped for. She dropped the last card, bringing “Kengkaj”, her two-year-old son, to the debut and announcing her true status to Annop. as a shock Unable to endure the pain, she decided to break her joints and commit suicide. Fortunately, “Aunt Kae” (Aon Sriphan Chomchaboon) came to see him and took her to the hospital in time. Aunt Kae is a younger friend who really loves her mother like a sister Annop was very sad when she heard the news. He secretly tried to help her in order to make amends. through the joint arrangement of Phithan and Aunt Kae

Annop secretly seeks money to buy her father’s old house as Phrae in Bangkok, returning from Prang Thong. And handed it back to her and her sister who embezzled about almost 10 million so that Phithan could bring it to Aunt Kae to send it as Prae to study abroad and take care of Proud Mai (Lisa Alisa) who moved out of the house in Pak Chong It’s like Prae survived death, but lost everything. Aunt Kae tried to comfort her and told her to fight for herself. It’s like Prae sums up her strength and finally flew to study abroad. and intend not to return to Thailand again Even Annop’s funeral who died in an accident After a few years, it didn’t make me feel like Prae had changed her mind.

14 years later… ..Her thoughts must be shaken when “Phokhai” (Punjan Parama Imanothai), her older friend who knows each other abroad. Invite her to come back to work in Thailand Phokhai is the owner of “PK Com AM”, a commercial space rental management company. He has a concession in the Unicus1 By Prangthong Property project, a Prangthong business, taken from Muan Prae’s father. He developed it into luxury real estate along with a golf course. A high priced housing estate, sports club, and expansion into a shopping centre. whom Phokhai has given concessions to manage with the position of head of department Phokhai wants to work with Muan Prae. As well as being good at work Phokhai also secretly thought that working closely together would make her calm to accept him. Having flirted with him for over ten years ago, but unsuccessfully, causing him to break his heart severely until he married “Dawan” (Om-Norawan Settharatanapong), but in the end, he could not forget like Prae. eventually leading to a divorce from his wife

Phokai invites as Prae to go and see the Uni cus project in Pak Chong. She decides to go back and look at the past that caused her pain. The first step as a peasant is stepping on the land that once belonged to the family. Childhood memories come back like a tsunami. she stood crying And tell yourself … this is the reason why she has to take sleeping pills every night for the past 14 years Wealth “Prangthong” and “Kengkat” (Sam Pruthichai Ruayfupant), the son a teenager growing into a full man causing his heart to flutter with hatred

Like Phrae he had to face many obstacles outside of battles. and within the family itself Mai Balch is the only member of the family left. and she hated her older sister. Proud Mai puts all the blame as Phrae because he was buried in Prangthong saying Prae’s heartbreak was the reason why the family had to be like this Proud Mai has lived a miserable life since puberty . Not having quality boyfriends Changing men more often than changing night out status and working secretly to earn money to spend extravagantly Causing a lot of dizziness and headaches for Aunt Kae The only thing that can do for Prao May calm down is “Aphithan” Prao Mai really likes Phithan but deep down she doesn’t dare to show it.

Prangthong was not satisfied. Try telling Phokai to change people. But he refused to tell the real reason. Phokhai insists he hasn’t changed. As if he knew about it, he opened the game to attack to ask for a reason to get to the house, causing a violent confrontation. Although Phithan tried to stop the fight But no one gave in to anyone.. as if Prae intended to announce that “This time she didn’t play around and she was no longer an innocent girl,” Prangthong’s heart pounded. Don’t think she created another demon and it comes back for “revenge”.

The resentment is not over yet.. The game has to go on as Prae uses love to manipulate her head. until he started to rebel and he rebelled against Prangthong like never before Prang Thong was very painful. He pressed Phithan to find a way to separate the two. Phithan knew that, like Prae, she didn’t really love Kengkaew. He tried to spite his nephew. but the more forbidden, the more provocative Versatility turned into an aggressive child. and resisted every order from Prangthong to the point of announcing that he would marry as a Prae As soon as he turned 20, he fell out of the care of his mother and uncle. Causing Prang Thong to almost fall on his feet because according to the testament to the greatness of all things If she was lost like this, then she would have everything. Prangthong will never give up!

Where will this “anger” end? Follow the thrill of the love war that is ready to explode. In the most heartbreaking drama “Kang” of the drama organizer, the mother “Ann Thongprasom”

cast list

Taew Nathaporn Tameeruk as Muean Prae
Aff Taksaorn Paksukcharoen as Prangthong
Naphat Siangsomboon as Pithan
Enter Puttichai Kasetsin as Annop
Woonsen Wiritthipa Pakdeeprasong as Pinmanee
Punchan Parama Immanothai as Phokhai
Aom-Norawan Settharatanapong as Dawan
Sam Pruthichai Ruayfupan as Kengkaj
Lisa Lisa as Proud Mai
Aon Sriphan Chumchabun as Na Kae

an anecdote
The first time in 1987 was a film from Pornphot Film Camp with Bin Bunluerit, Nattaya Daengbunga, Kriangkrai Unanan and Supansa Nuengpirom.
The 2nd time in 1994, no details were found whether it was a movie or a TV series, performed by Bodin Duke, Piercer Christensen, Bum Ranya Siyanon.


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