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#SYNTEC #No stock-SYNTEC Looking at business and industry in 2023, improving, competing for new jobs of 10.5 billion baht, revealing that the first curve has already received 3 new contracts with a total value of almost 1.5 billion baht , holding back a tight lock of 7.1 billion baht, splitting the line of the installation business, solar roof 2 projects are expected to be completed soon

Mr Jiramote Phahusutra, Managing Director of Syntec Construction Public Company Limited or SYNTEC, revealed that when assessing the overall business in 2023, it was seen that the lowest point has passed. And it has a tendency to improve compared to the year 2022 with a total income of 5,146.84 million baht and a profit of -367.79 million baht, mainly as a result of economic recovery and the full opening of the country type As a result, various investment projects The public and private sectors have come back to move forward more.

An invasion of ten thousand million jobs.

In the first 3 months of 2023, the company has signed contracts for 3 more stacked projects, namely Flexi Mega Space Bangna condominium project worth 20 million baht, Grene Phadipat project worth 64 million baht and Niche Mono BangPo project worth 17 million baht. . A lot has come out The company has participated in bidding for 24 projects with a total value of more than 10,565 million baht.

And in the process of applying for 3 new projects with a total value of around 101 million baht, considering that this year the company has the opportunity to receive new work to fill the work in hand (backlog) which is quite high due to fewer competitors Originally, there would be around 6-7 cases per project. But now it is reduced to only 2-3 cases per project. As a result, the new work received will have a gross margin of 10-12% per project, which is higher than the 7-9% in the past.

In 2023, the company aims to find new projects to fill the job portfolio at least 6,000-7,000 million baht from the year 2022 when there were 13 projects in the portfolio worth more than 7,380 million baht. find new construction projects to fill the portfolio of 1,473 million baht, including The Aestiq project worth 447 million baht, the Grande Center Point Ratchadamri 2 project worth 961 million baht and the Wanvayla @ Jaopraya (Sales Office) project worth 65 million baht . million baht

At the end of 2022, the company’s backlog stood at 7,193 million baht from a total of 24 projects under construction. The share of government projects was about 39% of the total available work. Regarding the performance trend in the 1st quarter of 2023, it is expected that there will be a better growth of 10-15% compared to the same period last year compared to the previous quarter.

business line break

while the serviced apartment business and the room service business These include Citadines Grand Central Sriracha and Somerset Harbourview Sriracha. The utilization rate (OCC) is at least 70-75% from the end of 2022 at 61.38% and 62.10% respectively.

According to the investment plan in 2023, the company expects to spend about 400 million baht to continue the construction of The Standard Pattaya, Najomtien and X2 Vibe Phuket Patong Center projects, both of which have a total investment of about 800 million baht .

In addition, the company has expanded into a new business dealing with consulting and installing solar roof systems. In 2022, 2 projects were accepted: Udon Plaza project, 25-year contract period and Poranunt project, 25-year contract period, both of which the company invests and sells electricity. In addition, the company has 2-3 projects another is currently installing solar systems on the roof which are being studied and are expected to be completed soon.

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