T-ara’s Jiyeon Criticizes Her Older Brother’s Appearance+

T-ara’s Jiyeon Criticizes Older Brother’s Copycat-Like Vision

By Lee Jeong-hyuk

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Source: YouTube ‘Jiyeon’

Image Credit: YouTube ‘Jiyeon’

In a recent video titled ‘Our brothers and sisters even have a similar laugh,’ T-ara’s Jiyeon took a playful jab at her older brother, Park Hyojun, for his imitative tendencies.

The YouTube channel ‘Jiyeon’ uploaded the lively clip on the 27th of [Current Month].

During the video, Jiyeon raised a toast to her brother and reminisced about her passion for cooking. She shared an anecdote from her time living in the dormitory, where she attempted to make a spicy soup for her fellow group members, but ended up causing smoke in the kitchen, rendering her frying pan useless. Reflecting on her younger days as a member of T-ara, Jiyeon expressed her desire to cook for her sisters.

While indulging in roasted sweet potatoes, Jiyeon playfully questioned her brother’s thoughts on losing weight. Park Hyojun responded with regret, mentioning that he had heard of his handsome looks. Jiyeon immediately jested, “Even when I see you now, you still look handsome.” In jest, Park Hyojun inquired about his current appearance, to which Jiyeon lightheartedly replied, “Right now, I’m just an old man.” In response, her older brother playfully grumbled, claiming that she always makes such remarks when they eat together.

Further along the video, when Park Hyojun accidentally dropped a roasted sweet potato, Jiyeon cheekily remarked, “See? If you drop it while eating, it falls into your stomach.” Her brother amusingly added, “It’s a good thing it doesn’t fall on the floor.”

It’s worth noting that Park Hyojun gained attention in the past for his striking resemblance to Jiyeon when he appeared on Mnet’s entertainment show ‘Superstar K3’.

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Image source = YouTube ‘Jiyeon’

[스포츠조선 이정혁 기자]”Now I’m just an old man.”

Image source = YouTube ‘Jiyeon’

T-ara’s Jiyeon criticized her older brother, who had ‘copycat-like vision’, for her appearance.

Image source = YouTube ‘Jiyeon’

On the 27th, a video titled ‘Our brothers and sisters even have a similar laugh’ was posted on the YouTube channel ‘Jiyeon’.

Image source = YouTube ‘Jiyeon’

In the video, Jiyeon made a simple toast to her older brother, Park Hyojun.

Jiyeon said, “I liked to cook. (Tiara) When I lived in the dorm, I wanted to cook for my sisters, so I made a spicy soup in the dorm. But there was smoke in the kitchen.. . the smoke was smoke, and I couldn’t use the frying pan. That’s it.” “I wanted to do it when I was young,” he said, recalling his time as a member of T-ara as a teenager.

Jiyeon then said to Park Hyojun while eating roasted sweet potatoes, “Don’t you have any thoughts about losing weight?” and he expressed remorse, saying, “I heard you were very handsome. Even when I saw you, you were very handsome.”

When Park Hyo-jun asked, “Now?” Jiyeon immediately responded, “Right now, I’m just an old man.” In response, my older brother grumbled and said, “You always say this when you eat.”

Afterwards, when Park Hyo-jun dropped the roasted sweet potato, Ji-yeon said, “Look. If you drop it while eating, it falls into your stomach,” and Park Hyo-jun said jun, “How good it is that he does that. doesn’t fall on the floor.”

Meanwhile, Jiyeon’s older brother Park Hyo-jun previously appeared on Mnet’s entertainment show ‘Superstar K3’ and attracted attention for his handsome appearance similar to Jiyeon. Reporter Jeong-hyuk Lee

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