“T Sports 7 shoot live” ASEAN Para Games Indonesia Thailand sends 310 lives to fight

at the front Chaloem Phrakiat Building, 7th Cycle Birthday Anniversary Sports Authority of Thailand Prof. Samanmit, Deputy Governor for Strategic Information Technology Sports Authority of Thailand presided over the press conference Live broadcast of sporting events “ASEAN Para Games” The 11th edition, which will be held in Solo, Indonesia, was honored by Dr. Kittiphong Phothimu, Representative of the Paralympic Committee of Thailand, together with Dr. Supranee Guptasa, Manager of the Sports Development Fund of Chat, Colonel Ruj Saeng-udom, Director of Television for Tourism and Sports (T Sports 7) and representatives of athletes with disabilities from the Thai national team, such as Watcharaphon Wongsa, Gold Medalist Boccia Paralympics 2020, Pornchoklarp Yen, silver medalist of the 2020 Paralympics and Wissanu Huadpradit, the gold medal of Boccia, the 2020 Paralympic team, attended a live press conference and announced the readiness of the Thai national team of disabled athletes to participate.

Prof. Samanmit, Deputy Governor for Strategic Information Technology Sports Authority of Thailand (SAT) revealed that sporting events “ASEAN Para Games”The 11th time, which will take place between July 30 – August 6, SAT has provided support in various fields. Both work on potential development and sports science for sports teams in all 14 sports by encouraging them to start withdrawing from March 1, 2022, including a period of 7 consecutive months of internment. SAT works with various sports considered to be at a good level And everyone is ready to travel to compete and win back.

Meanwhile, at the 11th ASEAN Para Games in Solo, Indonesia, SAT has coordinated with the competition organizers to bring the live signal back to Thailand during the competition period. It will be broadcast live via TV channels for tourism and sports. (T Sports 7) Throughout the competition for Thai sports fans to cheer on Thai athletes at the same time

Dr. Kittipong Phothimu, Representative of the Paralympic Committee of Thailand said it was unfortunate that the situation with COVID-19 A severe outbreak in 2019-2020 caused the 10th tournament in the Philippines to be cancelled. This time, Indonesia was responsible for organizing the event on behalf of Vietnam. according to the approval of ASEAN Sports Federation (APSF), which will have athletes from 11 nations across ASEAN, more than 1,500 athletes compete in 14 sports, which in Thailand sends all kinds of sports

“In this part of the competition 70 percent of Thai athletes are experienced athletes at the international level, the other 30 percent are new blood that has been pushed to enhance freshness and strength. Concerning the goals of the competition We hope that Thai athletes with disabilities will be able to win at least 70 gold medals. The main contender for the gold medal with us is Indonesia, the previous gold medalist in 2017, and underestimate Malaysia and Vietnam can’t either.”

Dr. Supranee Guptasa, National Sports Development Fund Manager revealed that for athletes with disabilities is a group of athletes that the Fund Pay attention to promoting and supporting As athletes with disabilities have the same dedication, patience and perseverance in training as normal people. In the past, Thai athletes with disabilities have built a reputation. and has created a lot of success for Thailand In the past, the Fund Has provided support and encouragement since the training period. range of competition and after the competition In particular, the awarding of prize money in return for the commitment of winning medals. which according to the announcement of the National Sports Development Fund Management Committee Regarding the rules, methods and conditions for awarding the award to athletes, sports personnel and sports associations that use the term 2019 will give 200,000 baht per gold coin, 100,000 baht silver coin and 50,000 baht bronze medal.

Colonel Ruj Saeng-Udom, director of the television station for tourism and sports (T Sports 7) said that the readiness to prepare the live broadcast In addition to receiving live signals from the host An off-site live broadcast team, a news team, and a highlight production team have been set up. For Thai viewers to watch and cheer for athletes and stick to the competition via T Sports 7, which will be broadcast live for more than 20 hours throughout the competition. Both through the TV station for tourism and sports (T Sports 7) and online channels, Facebook and YouTube T Sports 7.

For Thai national athletes who participated in the 11th ASEAN Para Games, all 14 sports, Thailand sent a total of 310 athletes to participate as follows: athletics, track and field 69 people, swimming 40 people, badminton 27 people, table tennis 40 people, 13 weightlifting, 22 sitting volleyball, 24 wheelchair basketball, 12 global, 11 boccia, 13 archery, 11 wheelchair tennis, 9 chess, 14 football. and 5 judo people, while the coordinator, doctors, nurses, guide runners, helpers, trainers and technicians, another 169 people, including Thailand, sent a team of officials and 479 athletes.

The 11th ASEAN Para Games, which will take place from July 30 to August 6, will be held in Indonesia. which Thailand Send athletes to compete in 14 sports with a total of 310 athletes participating.


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