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T20 World Cup: Namibia beat Scotland

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Abu Dhabi – United Arab Emirates, First Published Oct 27, 2021, 11:07 PM IST

Abu Dhabi:Namibia beat Scotland by four wickets in the Super 12 match of the T20 World Cup 2021. Chasing a target of 110, Namibia reached the target in 19.1 overs for the loss of six wickets. JJ Smith (32 off 23 balls) gave Namibia their first victory in the Super 12s, despite falling short of the target. Michael Leesk took two wickets for Scotland. Scotland 109-8 in 20 overs and Namibia 115-6 in 19.1 overs.

After a good start, the batting collapsed and finally Namibia chanted Jayabheri

Namibia, who scored 28 runs for the opening wicket, were expected to reach the target easily, but their progress was not easy. Namibia got off to a good start with Craig Williams (23) and Michael Van Lingen (18). Williams led Namibia to 50 with Sane Green coming in after Lingen was sent off.

But the return of captains Gerard Erasmus (4) and Williams after Green put pressure on Namibia. Smith, who has a good partnership with David Weiss (16) in the liquor line-up, has crossed the 100 mark in Namibia. Weiss and John Fryling (2) were out just before the win, but Safian Sheriff smashed a six to give Smith the lead in Namibia.

Scotland, who had earlier lost the toss at the crease, were 109 for eight in 20 overs. Michael Leask, who reached the crease in the seventh, scored 44 off 27 balls to put Scotland ahead.

Namibia shocked Scotland in the first over

Trempleman stunned Scotland when he knocked down George Munse in the first ball of the inning. In the third ball of the first over, Trump knocked down Kalam McLeod and in the fourth ball, captain Richard Berington. Weiss knocked down Craig Wallace at 18 to put Scotland ahead.

But Michael Lees and Matthew Cross (19) put Scotland on 50 for the fifth wicket. In the 12th over, Chris Greaves and Lees crossed the 100 mark to give Namibia a 57-run lead at the crossroads. Greaves, who held on in the final overs after Smith dismissed Leicesk, put Scotland ahead.

For Namibia, Trumpman took three wickets for 17 runs in four overs while John Frylink took two wickets for 10 runs in four overs. Scotland added 25 runs in the last five overs.

Namibia won the toss and elected to field This is Namibia’s first match in the group. Scotland, on the other hand, lost to Afghanistan in the first match. Craig Wallace has been named in Scotland’s Final XI to replace the injured Kyle Coetzer.

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