Ta Warit – Ann launches her son on the first program ‘Nong Kanghan’ and tells his wife about 2 miscarriages along with the most sassy youth.

Ta Warit and wife Ann introduced their 4-month-old son for the first time. ‘Nong Kanghan’, who has a very heavy colic, has to rely on both superstition and science. Reveals the tragic story of the wife having miscarriages twice and telling her flirting in the past, whether the heroine and the villain then hit it all but stop at the wife He also mentioned that he had a panic disorder and still had to take medication continuously. Every issue in the hot talk show SHOW

Was the first party heavy?
Ann: Usually, new parents have a course on how to raise children, take a shower, take care of their children, but during the time when we were pregnant, during the covids, there was no such course. When giving birth, bringing the baby home is definitely a real newbie. Search the internet, ask a friend.

Haven’t slept for 2 days?
Table : The first night after coming back from the hospital. I still don’t know how to put it in the car seat. It’s very small, and then our baby, we’re all worried.

You’re a very heavy colic?
Ta: I cried a lot, the first day I cried all night, I couldn’t sleep for 2 days, I cried until I didn’t know what to do. Singing at the same time and singing hard is 2am and 5am

Ann : We went to see the doctor. Colic is a matter of his digestive system is not normal. When he’s sick, the only thing he can communicate is crying. The doctor prescribes nutritional supplements to gradually adjust the balance.


Is there a superstition?
Ta: Awesome, Ann will be the one to go. I will ask you to let my child sleep. I can’t work anymore. Wherever you go, pay your respects everywhere.
Ann : We told mom. At home in Phuket, there will be a Chinese monk’s body for the mother to ask for a video call. You bless and pray for You said before that the windmill saw your face and might be afraid. you finished blessing The turbine cries out the car seat. Only after that night he slept.

Do you believe it?
TA: There are many factors, but this one is the motivation of the mind. Before, we tried to train him for a while.

Raising kids by myself. Big eyes. Go to the set. Forget the script?
Table: I’ve never held a role. And never made a mistake for 20 years until raising a child to say the wrong thing, say the right thing, er, it doesn’t really sleep and worry about the child. Because during the covids, we didn’t have a nanny. We have to be very careful, scared, stressed, and scared. We are very tired. Plus wife scolding It will have a lot of baby singing. and the man was tired, he couldn’t sleep. Why are you breathing like this on your child? I’m totally into it. I’m sorry. I don’t want to apologize. I understand him. He has a small depression. Because the mother after giving birth will have I have to understand him a lot and give him a lot of support. because he is very tired

Ann : Many postpartum mothers are depressed. I saw a little something crying sad. For example, we saw that the trees in front of the house were crying yellow leaves. We don’t take good care of him.
Table: I’m really stumped inside. But what Dias can do is encourage him. take care of him the best I laughed and laughed But in my heart, the children have to take care of them, and the wives are worse.


How can you escape from there?
Ann : The doctor will keep making appointments. and describe the symptoms that it will get better soon We are really tired but what makes us less tired is the table. He is a man who takes care of his children very well.

You’ve had 2 miscarriages?
Table: That day, I came to talk products. Ann will talk too. He spoke very well, the water flowed and the lights went out. But that day was quiet, we didn’t notice anything. Until she went downstairs, she suddenly fell. Ann’s stomach hurts so bad that she fell. When asked what happened, he started crying.
Ann : We started having stomachaches since before we went live. When finished, we wanted to tell him that he couldn’t take it and went to the hospital because he had a very bad stomachache. As soon as I go down, it hurts like a squeeze until I can’t stand it. Fall down and hit your knees. Take him to the hospital
Table: When you arrive at the hospital Not until the doctor Ann went to the bathroom and cried and fell out.

Broken heart?
Ann : I cried. It’s scary. Now it’s almost 2 months. We came to think about the pregnancy sooner so that we can go to the doctor who will take care of him from the beginning.
Da: I feel guilty for bringing him to work that day. Do you feel that it’s because of us or not? I never told him it was on my mind.

Ann came out of tears. How did you feel then?
Ta: I understand very much, I actually fell in, but I can’t show him that I’m sorry. You have to comfort him and encourage him. but deep inside here


The doctor said why?
Ann : The percentage is quite large that the first pregnancy before 12 weeks and the child is not attached. The embryo does not attach to the uterus. The embryo may be atrophy or something? is unable to develop into a strong embryo, it is a mechanism of nature So don’t be sad The doctor said that it will come late, if the embryo is not fully developed, it will follow the natural mechanism.

When did you start to make up your mind?
Ann: I’m sorry. That day was very scary.
Table: I couldn’t make up my mind for several months.

to the point of not wanting to have another person And was there fear?
Ann : Yes, I think the next person, if there is, has to go to the doctor. because we are old We have had a history of miscarriage.
Ta: From the first day I thought of having someone next, I asked the doctor. All plans to be as ready as possible


How is the second person?
Table: It didn’t survive either. fall too
Ann : He lived for a month and a half. we are less sorry because we didn’t see the scary picture It comes off like a normal menstrual period.

Are you discouraged?
Table : If you feel discouraged, you can rest for a while. because of fear of stress When they cry, we hurt. It made us not want to see him cry. I don’t want to be sad, so I stop. We could be together at that time.

After stopping the healing of the wound, how do you do it?
Ann: During that period, it was the first wave of covids that stopped germs for the nation. Let’s cook and watch series.
Table: Be with yourself enough.


When trying to have a turbine to lift a whole pile of dramas?
Table: not the size of a pile But that day, there was a hair seal all day. but there is a scene Then Ann called and said I forgot to tell you that the egg fell today, what are we going to do? So I went to tell Kong that today Ann egged me, can I ask for it? I was joking and I heard the sound of a wag before he went to make a baby. That’s all. But now it’s not peaking When the next day, go to the Peak and arrange it.
Ann : It’s not that night with Nong Kang Han. The next month.

When you’re addicted, you don’t talk to anyone and hold a trick?
Ann : Anyone who warns you to get pregnant, hold a tip for 3 months before we do it all. so that the younger brother stays Superstition, science does everything.

Have to lie still at home?
Ann: Because it’s bleeding. Low uterine embryo sleeps for about 3 weeks.
Table: I’m like a slave who takes care of everything, sweeping, mopping, washing underwear, doing everything because he can’t do anything. We are afraid that the child will go again. Anything we can do, we do it all.

The former can play dramas with any heroine. What does it mean?
Table: I’ve been a fan. At that time, teenage hormones were surging. During work, we are like children forced to go to work. What convinces us to go to work is these things: we want to go, want to go to him, exciting, fun.

When the drama is over?
Table: It must be separated. But one story takes a long time, the first 3 months, happy 4 months, know the habits When the story is over, we can’t go together. Maybe he quit Maybe we quit

The villain was swept away?
Table: It’s not that much. In general, sometimes there is a spark at work.

How many people are you dating the most?
Table: Not as many as 10, I only date one person at a time, just often.

according to the book of gossip Do you often have the name One Night Stand?
Table: Whoever you are with, I open them all. but only often It looks flirtatious. I’m dating one by one.


The same condo, gig and boyfriend is on the same floor?
Ta : My girlfriend is there, my boyfriend is on the 7th floor, the gig is on the 12th floor, no one knows, never had a train crash. This story ended well and I broke up with both of them.

There are rules for flirting. Is that not messing with someone who already owns it?
Ta: Yes, if I knew I had a girlfriend then I wouldn’t mind at all, especially my friend’s girlfriend.

Decided to have a family Are you a very cute person?
Ann : Ann likes to listen to fun. it’s the past But if the present
Ta: When I talked to him, I told him honestly that there were 5 people talking.

Why did you choose Ann?
Table: Men will be annoyed if they see a woman following a pecking order. But Ann was the only one who didn’t follow at all, didn’t peck at all.

Are you afraid of your wife?
Ta : Everyone knows where I care and fear.

Casino, why can’t you stop?
Ta : Most men who flirt will tell themselves that they have found the right person. This woman is the mother of our children. We will know for ourselves. Her behavior, care, love for her family made me decide to marry him.


Do you have a personal disease that requires daily medication?
Ta: The medical language is panic disorder. It’s been 10 years because of living, traveling, not sleeping, partying, it accumulates. We always think a lot. I was afraid of crashing on a plane. fast heartbeat At first the doctor diagnosed me with acid reflux. lost millions
Ann : Go to the hospital and tell the doctor that you will have a heart attack. The doctor examined all internal organs. then almost every day The doctor said nothing. told the doctor was not good

How do you know it’s a disease?
Table : That day I went to film a drama. and it is again So I went to a nearby hospital. Someone who knew a doctor there told him about his symptoms. The doctor picked me up and examined them all. and said it was a panic Now the symptoms are gone and the symptoms are under control. but still have to take medicine




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