[Table Tennis World Youth Championship]Hong Kong women’s team regrets losing to Romania’s top 8 and halting

(Photo Credit:World Table Tennis)

[Sports Road News]The Hong Kong women’s team, which is participating in the ITTF World Youth Championship in Portugal, lost three straight games to the No. 2 seed Romania in the team semi-finals on Thursday (2nd) night. Missed promotion.

乒乓, 乒乓世界青年錦標賽, 吳詠琳, 嚴浩晴, 陳劭藍, 黃凱彤

Chen Shaolan (Photo Credit: World Table Tennis)

This year’s ITTF World Youth Championship was held in Vila Nova de Gaia, a city in western Portugal. A total of 12 teams participated in the women’s team competition. Except for the top 4 seeds Russia, Romania, India and France, which reached the top 8 byes in the top 16 byes, The remaining 8 teams caught up against each other to determine the other 4 semi-final seats. The four Hong Kong youth players Wu Yonglin, Yan Haoqing, Chen Shaolan and Huang Kaitong led by former Hong Kong team representative Li Jing Jiang Huajun will play in a double match on Thursday, and they will face Turkey in the round of 16 at 9 a.m. local time.

乒乓, 乒乓世界青年錦標賽, 吳詠琳, 嚴浩晴, 陳劭藍, 黃凱彤

Wu Yonglin (Photo Credit: World Table Tennis)

Facing the seventh-ranked Turkey in the event, the Hong Kong team first sent Chen Shaolan to take the lead. Although she lost one game 5:11 against Ece Harac, she stood firm and won three consecutive games 11:3, 11:9, 11 : 8, with the number of rounds 3: 1 to win back, for the Hong Kong team to take the lead. Wu Yonglin, who came on the field, lost to Ozge Yilmaz 1:3, but Huang Kaitong won 3:1 in the third game (11:3, 9:11, 11:9, 11:9), helping the Hong Kong team to lead again . In the fourth match, the Hong Kong team was again played by Wu Yonglin. She got rid of the shadow of her defeat in the first game, and she won three straight rounds 11:6, 11:4 and 11:6, helping the Hong Kong team with 3 games. : 1 win wave to advance.

乒乓, 乒乓世界青年錦標賽, 吳詠琳, 嚴浩晴, 陳劭藍, 黃凱彤

Huang Kaitong (Photo Credit: World Table Tennis)

The semi-finals will be held at 5 pm on Thursday, local time, that is, at 1 am on Friday (3rd) in Hong Kong. Facing the No. 2 seed Romania in the tournament, the Hong Kong team also sent Chen Shaolan to play the first game. Unfortunately, she lost to Elena Zaharia by 10:12, 8:11, 11:7, 4:11. Wu Yonglin took the relay in the second round. She lost to Ioana Singeorzan by 1:3 (8:11, 11:9, 6:11, 10:12). In the third game where Xu Sheng was not allowed to lose, the Hong Kong team was played by Huang Kaitong. She played well in the early stages against Luciana Mitrofan. She won two games at 11:9 and 15:13. Unfortunately, she did not succeed and lost in a row. Three rounds 4:11, 8:11, 6:11 “Reverse victory is defeat”. After losing three games in a row, the Hong Kong team finally stopped in the top 8 of the World Youth Championship.

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