Tablo lightning bolt… All the lyrics I wrote for 10 years flew away

Tablo “With iOS automatic update”
Deleted all lyrics that I worked on for 10 years.”

Representative symptoms of data deletion and update errors

Tablo/Photo=Hankyung DB

The group Epik High’s Tablo aroused regret when it was revealed that all lyrics they had worked on for 10 years were deleted due to an automatic mobile phone update.

Tablo posted on his Twitter on the 17th that “IOS has been automatically updated, and the lyrics written over the past 10 years have been erased along with all notes in the Note app.” As the phone was automatically updated, all lyrics from 10 years that were not backed up were deleted.

Tablo is famous for writing sensuous lyrics that is enough to be called ‘the bard’. Most of Epik High’s famous songs were written by Tablo himself.

Data deletion is known to be a typical symptom of an iOS update error. It is known that the only way to prevent this is to back up in advance.

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