Tac Pharanyu clearly didn’t have to upgrade his penis size to 9 inches, if he actually did it, he had to implant a pearl.

Thairath Online

27 Dec 2021 14:45

to clarify clearly After someone almost misunderstood Tak Pharanyu, with the news that came out is the first male star to increase the size of the hegemon to 9 inches, which Tac himself has explained via Instagram with a clip Along with telling clearly that I didn’t upgrade.

In the said clip, Tac said, “The first celebrity to upsize 9 inches, I’ll tell you like this that I went to the hospital because it has an electric massager to massage.. give good blood Let the blood flow. I didn’t go up. People like me, if only to do pearl implants. I want to embed the pearl on my…only” and wrote in the caption, “Thank you brothers and sisters. Follow that. I love you. #Like I have to bury a pearl”

On the side of fans who followed them, they commented that the real people’s tactics spoke clearly and honestly.

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